Ekballo Project: Be the Answer

When God calls you, would you say yes? A few weeks ago, my Bible Study leader invited me to an event on Facebook called “The Ekballo Project: A Night of Testimony + Worship + Prayer. At first I thought, “Oh, that’s cool! Maybe I’ll check it out.” Then today, since all my finals were done, […]

Finals Week: I’ve been mugged! (Coffee style)

For the past week, I’ve been consuming the life of study, study, studying, with a side of sleep and food. But because the quantities of sleep and food are more limited than I would like, I’ve had to turn to the “typical” college student’s go-to: caffeine. The more I can find it in coffee form, […]

Thankful for more than just Thanksgiving

There’s something about being a college student that has taken me from being half-full thankful to overflowing thankful. Maybe it’s the friends I’ve made, the professors I’ve had, or the fact that my family is so far away (which makes seeing them that much more important!) Regardless, I know my experience as a college student […]

Hello, Snow… I’m going to need more than just the Michigan Mitten

Being an Iowa girl, attending college in Michigan already makes me smitten with the mitten, but with all of this cold and snow, it’s going to take some serious supplies to endure the winter. As promised earlier this fall, I put together a list of necessary survival tools for the Holland winter. This is only […]

Fly-in(to Hope!)

This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of my (4th?!) visit to Hope and the first visit of my senior year of high school. I participated in the Hope College Fly-in Weekend offered to those students who live in states that do not touch the border of Michigan (if you want more information about Fly-in weekends, […]

Rain, Rain, Go Away… at least until I get to class

When we arrived back on campus (most of us on Tuesday night), we arrived to cold, rainy weather and the heaters turned on — leaving us with warm and cozy dorms. In fact, my dorm room was a little too warm and cozy for comfort, and my roommate and I reopened the windows and cranked […]

Home Sweet Hope, Home Sweet Home

I’ve been 28 hours into Fall Break so far, and I can say, it’s been an awesome 28 hours. Although my hometown is actually Manchester, Iowa, a small town in the Northeastern part of the state, I’ve recently taken to calling Hope my home. Someone around campus might say, “Hey Sophie, what are you up […]

Off-Campus: ArtPrize

Beyond the vast amount of fun things to do around Hope’s campus and downtown Holland, there are occasionally activities off-campus that you just can’t pass up. The first one I’ve encountered (besides the Hope-Calvin volleyball game): ArtPrize. Last Thursday, my First Year Seminar class all piled onto a Hope bus and had a field trip […]