How to Survive The Pre-Thanksgiving Break Itch

You can feel it in your bones – the need to get out, to put down your pencil, to print out the final draft of your ten-page research paper, close your computer, and breathe. I feel it, too. The itch, the annoyance, the anxiousness that hits us every time we’re about to go on break. […]

The Quiet of the Campus

It was the day I was going home for Thanksgiving. Finally, I thought. I couldn’t wait. I texted my cousin, asking when he was going to be picking me up. It dismayed me to hear that he was going to be a little bit late. Hours went by, and I grew confused at how long it […]

Coffee With Dad.

I’ve been home for the past few days, but on Wednesday, I woke up in Holland. And I met my dad for coffee downtown on 8th Street, at 8 AM, where snow abounded, but the sidewalks were clear. Whoever implemented the heated sidewalks, I applaud you for your insight. You’re the real MVP. I picked […]

It’s a Family Tradition

Happy Thanksgiving Hope College! Since Thanksgiving was yesterday, and our bellies are full of turkey and our minds are full of memories, I can’t help but think about all the traditions my family has during this holiday season. As you think about what traditions you have, I’m going to walk you through some of the […]

Heartwarming Videos To Brighten Your Day

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, everybody has giving back on their mind (at least hopefully)! I find it important to be thankful for our friends and family but viewing this holiday from a different view, I see that some people can be thankful for different things than I would initially think of. For some […]

SACsgiving 2K14

This year, I am thankful for family. Despite that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, we should always be thankful for what we have, and not reserve these thanks for one day out of the year. Everyday is Thanksgiving. We are thankful for life, opportunities, freedom and much more. Psalm 9:1 – “I will give thanks to the […]

Scrooge Until Thanksgiving

Halloween just recently ended…you know what that means: Christmas decorations up. Christmas music blaring….NO! You’re right. I said it. Some call me a scrooge, but I prefer to be known as a “Scrooge until Thanksgiving.” And this is the reason why: I LOVE Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday by far. You get a break from […]

Thankful for more than just Thanksgiving

There’s something about being a college student that has taken me from being half-full thankful to overflowing thankful. Maybe it’s the friends I’ve made, the professors I’ve had, or the fact that my family is so far away (which makes seeing them that much more important!) Regardless, I know my experience as a college student […]

2 Days Left

The anticipation, it’s just getting out of control. We’ve made it so far, but I still feel like its so far away. But it’s going to be okay when I wake up, because it will be Wednesday. Thanksgiving Break, freedom, but only for 4 days. It’s definitely better than nothing though. After break, there is […]

3 Days Left

Hey folks! Today marks the day of when all countdowns begin. As of today, there are only 9 days of class left. And my title states “3 Days Left” because there are 3 more days until THANKSGIVING! So after Thanksgiving Break, there is one week of class left, followed by exams. WHAT? And as of […]