Be Still, My Ever-Wandering Heart.

I quickly find that in the midst of my daily life, there is an insurmountable peace that exceeds understanding running upon a parallel path. There’s a lot I know; but even more, I do not. And I believe that is okay. As humans I think we spend a lot of time thinking that if we […]

This Feels Like Home

I arrived home on Friday; I’ll be here for a week and two days. It feels different being home, even though most things have remained the same. There’s one building on the downtown strip that’s been demolished and there’s different pillows on the chairs on my front porch. There are many more things that have […]

Being a Witness

Personally, I don’t believe in forcing my beliefs on anyone else. We’re all in this world to figure it out for ourselves, through whatever religion or lack of religion that may be. I don’t see harm, however, in letting others see what you’re doing and believing for sake of experience and knowledge. The last week […]

Ekballo Project: Be the Answer

When God calls you, would you say yes? A few weeks ago, my Bible Study leader invited me to an event on Facebook called “The Ekballo Project: A Night of Testimony + Worship + Prayer. At first I thought, “Oh, that’s cool! Maybe I’ll check it out.” Then today, since all my finals were done, […]