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With exams, projects, and papers constantly filling my brain, the past few weeks have consisted of finding the fun, funky, and quiet study spots on and around campus.

Although I tried out many different places, here are my top three spaces to work away:

For the basic “I want to get out of my room” study, try out the study rooms located in most dorms. They’re full of tables, chairs, and couches perfect for the anytime study. And the best part? Meeting people who live alongside you in your dorm. If you´re a freshman, chances are many of the others in the study room are taking similar classes, so it´s a great way to find great study buddies, too!

Study Room
This is the place to be in the dorm for social studying purposes. There’s typically lots of people here, so it’s always a fun time!

The ¨I can´t focus, I have to get away from the dorm¨ study is quite possibly the worst for a number of reasons. 1) It typically kicks in late at night, 2) It means you have a LOT of work to get done, and 3) Quiet spaces are tough places to find in a dorm. But have no fear! A secret study spot is in basement of the library. It´s full of cubbies and tables for silent studying (if you want to group study, though, many of the other floors of the library are open for that.) It always amazes me how much work I can get done while I´m there because it’s so quiet and peaceful!

To get rid of the ¨I´m hungry and want to get off campus¨ study woes, check out JP´s or Lemonjello´s coffee shops, both located less than a block from campus the downtown area. Both are delicious, are open fairly late, and have plenty of room to spread out and study with a group or by yourself! It´s a great way to be around people and meet some new faces of students on campus!

Coffee shops are both delicious break time/anytime places to study. They´re perfect for relaxing (but not usually very quiet!)

Hopefully these spots will help you out sometime throughout your Hope journey. They certainly have helped me survive the crazy weeks on campus!

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Happy studying!

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