Rain, Rain, Go Away… at least until I get to class

When we arrived back on campus (most of us on Tuesday night), we arrived to cold, rainy weather and the heaters turned on β€” leaving us with warm and cozy dorms. In fact, my dorm room was a little too warm and cozy for comfort, and my roommate and I reopened the windows and cranked up the fans, trying to push off fall just a little more!

Regardless of our attempts to keep summer alive, fall is here at Hope. The leaves are beginning to change and the weather has certainly turned into the chilly weather we’ve all been expecting but haven’t experienced yet. Once the rain disappears, I’m looking forward to all the photos I’ll be able to take of the leaves changing colors β€” and I’ll be sure to share them, too!

This is me, contemplating my rain gear choices. Side note: my shoes are soaking wet and that's not even my umbrella. My umbrella was being borrowed at the time this photo was taken.
This is me, contemplating my rain gear choices. Side note: my shoes are soaking wet and that’s not even my umbrella. My umbrella was being borrowed at the time this photo was taken. πŸ™‚

The walk across campus really isn’t that bad, but learning how to prepare for the elements is a necessity at Hope. Over the past few days, it hasn’t been uncommon to go to class in cloudy weather β€” no rain β€” and return from class in an absolute downpour. So, I’ve compiled a “Rain Recovery Rig” to help you survive the crazy weather that sometimes develops while you’re in class.

1. Hooded Sweatshirt.Β For the quick walk to class, a hooded sweatshirt might be your best bet. Also good for days when itΒ might rain but you can’t tell and want a safety net so that you won’t be soaked if you’re caught in a downpour.

2. Umbrella. Although I love the big, fun umbrellas, a “pocket umbrella” is perfect for traveling to and from class. You know, those little ones that will fit in the pocket of your backpack? Plus, it won’t drip water everywhere during class because it folds up nice and tiny, too. πŸ™‚

When we're trying to get our umbrellas to dry out, it's nearly impossible to keep them in our rooms... so we stick them in our hallway until they're dry.
When we’re trying to get our umbrellas to dry out, it’s nearly impossible to keep them in our rooms… so we stick them in our hallway until they’re dry.

3. Rain coat. Although they may not always be the most stylish of clothing choices, if you’d like to walk into class not looking like you just took a shower, I definitely suggest investing in one. I found a really cute Target one over the summer (and it was inexpensive, too!) Any jacket with waterproof capabilities will do.

4. Shoes that dry fast. I am currently making the same mistake of wearing my Sperry boat shoes to class and end up stepping into a puddle that goes up to my ankle, leaving me with soaking wet shoes that are squeaky and sloshy when I go to class. I’m not necessarily suggesting buying entirely plastic shoes, but some flip-flops or rain boots might come in handy to avoid an unwanted predicament of accidental puddle jumping.

5. Friend, classmate, or acquaintance with any or all of the above. Find yourself on campus missing these items? Have no fear. Today, I exited Phelps Dining Hall after lunch in the middle of a downpour and proceeded to fit four people under my umbrella. We’re all willing to share around here, and although all four of us were pretty drenched by the time we got back to Kollen, it was still fun trying to synchronize our steps to avoid one of us getting “more umbrella” than another.

Although I “Hope” you never get caught in the rain, these survival tips are bound to help you get through the dreary days. Next “Recovery Rig”: Snow.

Looking for weather updates, fun, and the all-around “what’s up?” on campus? Follow me @hopesophie17 on Twitter. Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to email me at sophie.guetzko@hope.edu or comment below or tweet at me or if you have any other ideas, such as sending me a message in a bottle, I’m sure we can work something out.

Stay dry!

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