Spring Break Recap

Although the phrase “Spring Break” tends to imply warm weather, I must say I unfortunately avoided the opportunity to experience the warmth. With Iowa reaching into the mid-forties, I can’t complain that I got a taste of warmer weather than we’ve had around Holland lately… but I’m secretly a little bit jealous of all of the tan people on Hope’s campus post-break.

Regardless of missing out on the warm weather, I still had an amazing spring break with friends and family. I spent the first five days in Chicago with my friend Sarah, where we followed the same pattern every day: Wake up, eat some food, take a nap, shop, eat more food, drink some tea, watch a movie, and go to sleep. It was a great way to recuperate from the work we had put into our midterms from the weeks before!

Sarah and I in Chicago
Here I am with my best friend, Sarah! She welcomed me into her home for a few days, and we had a blast!

Next, I traveled home to Iowa. I spent most of my days sleeping, eating, and having solid chats with my family and friends. On top of all of that, I got in a sweet session of yoga! I’m psyched to continue with it here in Holland. Besides that, hold on… drum roll, please – the Spring Break fave: a dentist appointment (yuck!).

On the plus side, no cavities, and I left with a gleaming smile (mostly because I won’t have to see the dentist again until October.)

I also had a chance to visit my friend Taylor at her school, which was a blast! Little did I know, my friend Megan was there too, and I hadn’t seen her since summertime – can you believe that!?

Megan, Me, and Taylor at Taylor's college
Here I am with my friends from home, Megan and Taylor! It was great to spend time with them and catch up with everything they have been up to.

And as always, family time is the best time. I was blessed to be able to spend time with my younger brother and best friend, Harrison!

My brother, Harrison, and I together
Here I am with my brother, Harrison! We always have so much fun when we’re together. I love attending his Speech and Show Choir competitions when I’m at home!

Overall, it was a great break to be home! Now, it’s crazy to think I won’t be home again until June. I’m psyched to be staying here for May term.

Hope your Spring Break was awesome, too! If you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat, feel free to tweet at me @hopesophie17 or email me at sophie.guetzko@hope.edu. Take care!

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