New Year, New Me: Choosing my word of the year

I’ve never quite mastered the concept of a New Year’s resolution. For some reason, it’s never really appealed to me — maybe because it’s hard to keep up with, or because I feel bored after a while.

My sophomore year of high school, my mom introduced me to a new way to start off the new year. From then on, it’s made for a new and amazing way to kick off the celebration of another year of our lives.

We choose a word each year instead of a specific resolution. This way, there’s no pressure — there’s just a general focus. It’s been amazing to see how my life attracts specific situations that apply with the word I chose each year. Not only that, but it also changes the way I react to the situations I face in my life.

At the start of each year, my mom and I make vision boards that support our word. We often write it in the center of the board and then add magazine clippings that go along with it. It’s super easy and super fun — all you need is some poster board, glue, and some old magazines.

Vision Board
Here are my vision boards for this year– I just hung them in my dorm today! The top one is a reminder to abide in the Lord, and the bottom one is to remind myself to live with abandon.

Here’s how to make your own vision board:

1. choose a word that you like (or something you think will apply to you throughout this year).

2. flip through your magazines, and if you see something you like, cut it out — regardless of what it is. Even if you feel just a LITTLE bit like “I like that,” cut it out. You can always recycle it later.

3. collect your clippings into a pile and paste them onto your posterboard.

4. you’re finished! (Typically I Mod Podge or laminate them to keep the board nicer, but it’s good to go no matter what.)

Last year, 2013, I knew I would be facing a lot of change in my life: making my final college decision, saying goodbye to my friends, and beginning a new chapter in my life. I chose the word embrace in hopes that I would keep in mind that these changes are natural and are a part of growing up.

This year, I have chosen the word abide. I crave to dig deeper in my faith and grow deeper in my roots with Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Have you chosen your word yet? I’d love to hear from you if you have (and I’d love to hear from you even if you haven’t!). If you have questions or comments about anything at all, please send me an email at or tweet at me @hopesophie17.

Happy, happy, happy New Year!

Published by Sophie Guetzko

Hey, I'm Sophie. I'm a third year college student graduating a year early, in May 2016. Follow me (I'm a Leadership minor) @hopesophie17 on Twitter and Instagram, send me an email at I'd love to chat (I'm a Communication major). While on campus, I've been involved with numerous Bible Studies, The Anchor newspaper, CFL Consulting, and recently started my own t-shirt company through the CFL Incubator program. Hope to talk soon!

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