You do you boo.

So TODAY, Friday October 24th, my friends, is MIDDLE PART FRIDAY. What is Middle Part Friday? Well, it is a day where you middle part you hair. What’s the reason…just because. My friend Sayde wanted to do it, so we did. If you think “Middle Part Friday” was good, just wait until “Toga Tuesday” happening on the […]

When it all seems like TOO much

The question “How are you?” is asked by many fellow students as we pass by. Normally, I answer the natural reaction “Good.” Currently, I may still say that depending on the situation, but right now that is not completely true. To elaborate, I am stressed. Not just stressed, but STRESSED! I am a person that loves to stay busy and […]

A Longboard, a Backpack, And a 62 Mile Adventure

Now that I am back at school, everyone is asking, “What did you do on Fall Break?” I answer with the simple answer, “I longboarded 62 miles over break with a backpack and some Bros.”   And that I did. DAY 1: We started in the Beautiful town of Holland, Michigan. We left straight from Hope […]

Tugging a rope all day.

On Saturday, September 27th, Hope College had their 117th Pull competition. For those of you who don’t know, Pull is the longest college tradition in the nations that consists of Odd Year versus Even Year playing a crazy intense game of “tug-a-war” across the black river. Odd year consisted of the sophomores (class off 17′) with […]

Finding Myself

College has taught me a lot of things, but really important to me it has taught me a lot about myself. And that just continues to be unfolded…. *REWIND* Some freshmen come into college knowing exactly who they are, what they want to be like, and the personality that they want to display… well, that […]

Chacos and Socks

Students are wearing socks with their Birkenstocks or Chacos. They are pulling out their puffer vests from the back of the closet and putting them in the front. The boots are making there way back on to people’s feet. The days of shorts are coming to an end. You know what this all means? Autumn is making […]

Another Night in the Woods.

Hello All! Last blog post, I realized I jumped right into writing and didn’t even introduce myself. So…rewind…here we go: Hello, my name is John Luke Hawkins and I am a sophomore at Hope, but a first time blogger. Something unique about my name: It is John Luke: Two names. No hyphen. Just a space. […]

“Mafia in the Woods” anyone?

This weekend, I went on a fantastic retreat with this group of people. These guys and gals are what makes up the Dream Team for Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is event put on by Hope College that raises money for Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. The actual Marathon is a 24 hour event where people stay on […]