Reflections on the First Week Back

College is classes, friends, homework, studying, student groups, work; in short, college is a lot. When you come from a stress-free summer where your daily schedule only consisted of work, friends from home, and hobbies, the transition can be a little strange. During the first week of classes, you’re prepped for the entire semester. Most […]

When it all seems like TOO much

The question “How are you?” is asked by many fellow students as we pass by. Normally, I answer the natural reaction “Good.” Currently, I may still say that depending on the situation, but right now that is not completely true. To elaborate, I am stressed. Not just stressed, but STRESSED! I am a person that loves to stay busy and […]

May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor

Happy Monday to all! I know that last Monday I posted a blog on realizing that Monday is a fresh new start, whether last week was bad or not. This Monday, you’ll really need to start fresh. Why? It’s REGISTRATION WEEK, people! Hence the title, I know it’s from the Hunger Games trilogy, but it seriously […]

Stress For Dummies (or College Students)

Stress is probably one of the most used words in college. “Oh, how are you doing today?” “Stressed.” That’s my response at least. But I just wanted to post on stress, because it’s an issue we all face. Usually, stress is a great thing, and is a common thing. In healthy amounts, it helps us […]