My Summer Plans!

Welp, I may be writing this one a little early with still having a week of school and then finals, but it is clear to see where my mind has already gone: SUMMMMMEERRR! This is a summer that I am very excited for. My last summer was one where it seemed like all the  Facebook […]

DORM options for MEN

Hey future Men of Hope College, Some of you have been asking about the dorm/residential hall options that Hope has and what they are like. Due to that, I want to write to tell you about the different “feel” of each of the dorms. This is important because you will be filling out housing in […]

5 Reasons You Should Bring a Futon/Couch to College

Prospective Students: LISTEN! If you don’t have a futon or a couch for you freshman year, here are some reasons why you should try to get one before you move into college. 1. Allow for a social space Couches and futons make friends. 2. Futon = NAPS You are going to take some naps. They […]

Those Moments When I Considered Dropping Out…

This last week was one that I would say was slightly difficult. How so? Well, simply put – school. This last week I have been fighting off a sickness, while having to prepare for and take 3 exams, while also trying to do my other homework, and juggling life. To be honest, this week isn’t […]

The Best Weekend Yet

Wow. What a weekend…This last weekend was Dance Marathon. This is an extraordinary event where all the money that is raised goes towards the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. This money is raised through fundraisers, but also through donations brought in through the participants of Dance Marathon. On top of the participants raising money, they stand on the feet for […]

One of my Favorite Words

First, listen to this: Wow….So this weekend, I and members of the Hope College Gospel Choir and the Black Student Union had an amazing opportunity to go to a Black Sacred Music Symposium. This was an event hosted at the University of Illinois that focused on what Black Sacred Music was as well as putting that […]

It’s that Time of Year

It is that time of year. What time? Lent. Lent is fast approaching. Depending of your faith upbringing, whether Christian or not, and depending on your denomination, Lent may or may not be something that you are aware of. For those of you that are not, lent occurs starting on Ash Wednesday (this Wednesday, 2/18) […]

Adventure Is Out There

Adventure IS out there. Sometimes you just got to create it yourself and keep a keen out for it. Over Winter Break (02/07-02/10) I went home for a wee bit and brought my friend Christian along with me. My home is located in little ol’ Tipton, Indiana – population of 4,992 (thus about only 1000 […]