Nykerk Is Here!

Hello Readers! I hope your week is going well so far and you aren’t too busy. Any weekend plans? No? Well let me tell you about an event this weekend that you won’t want to miss: Nykerk! What is Nykerk, you ask? Good question. Nykerk is an amazing performance put on by the freshmen and […]

Even Year Wins!

Well, readers, the title says it all. Even Year won the Pull yesterday, and it was intense. As an Odd Year student standing on the odd side of the Black River, the Odd Year Pull team gave it their best, but was outdone by even year. For those of you that don’t know what The Pull […]

Nykerk Withdrawals

Oh No! Not another blog about Nykerk…well I can’t help it. It is been a part of my life for the last two years, and now it is done. I must write about it to commend the memories and people that have inspired me along the Nykerk Way. If you are reading this and you are thinking, […]

The ‘Kerk is Over

Well, Nykerk is over as fast as it came. These past three weeks have been nothing but fun, and on Saturday, it was the culmination of a lot of great talent. As most of you know, Nykerk had a change of venue this year. DeVos is now the new home of the Nykerk tradition, and as expected, […]

The ‘Kerk is here!

November is just a few days away, and what’s a better way to ring in the new month than with another one of Hope’s age old traditions? That’s right folks, you guessed it! Nykerk is this coming Saturday, November 1st!! And this year is a very special year, because it is also the traditions 80th […]

Tugging a rope all day.

On Saturday, September 27th, Hope College had their 117th Pull competition. For those of you who don’t know, Pull is the longest college tradition in the nations that consists of Odd Year versus Even Year playing a crazy intense game of “tug-a-war” across the black river. Odd year consisted of the sophomores (class off 17′) with […]

Nykerk Odd Year Coach Pictures

A few weeks ago, all of us Odd Year coaches had a mini-reunion for some laughs and pictures. The following are what came out of our time together. Taking coach pictures is an Odd Year tradition, and I was so happy to continue it with the wonderful Song and Play coaches. Shout out to the […]

The Class of 2017 wins Nykerk!

As many of you know, the annual Hope tradition Nykerk occurred last weekend. I know that my words could never completely describe Nykerk, so take a look at some pictures, all of which, and more, can be found on Hope’s website! Winning was awesome, but I was more proud of how everyone performed. Both songs […]


I can barely contain my excitement. After almost a year of waiting (I started counting down the days the day after it occurred last year), my favorite time of the year is upon us. NYKERK TIME. Nykerk is a competition between the freshman and sophomore women in three categories: song, play and oration. It was […]

My Nykerk Weekend!!

Well, it finally came! The day I had been preparing for since early October, Nykerk, was this past Saturday. But it wasn’t just the event itself that was so much fun; the whole weekend was a blast! Not only because of Nykerk, but also because it was family weekend! Moms, dads, siblings, aunts, uncles, and […]