5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Mentor

Over Christmas break, I made a lot of goals. One of those goals was to get a mentor. Through the course of some networking tactics this semester, I was able to get connected with a mentor. Last week, I had the opportunity to meet with him and talk to him for an hour over coffee. […]


It was just another ordinary Sunday night. It just so happened that that night my friends and I choose to play some walleyball (volleyball in the racquetball rooms). It was game point in the opposing teams favor. They served the ball and one of my team members hit the ball. I could tell it wasn’t […]

The Best Concert of My Life

Listen to this. Just listen to it. Ahhh, wasn’t that great? The first video is of The Brilliance and the second and third video is of Gungor. These videos are from the Hope Student Activities Committee (SAC) sponsored concert that happened last Saturday (01/10/15). They brought in Gungor and had The Brilliance with the Hope Chapel Worship Band open for […]

Rushing through the Storm

In the first days of classes, I have been walking from class to class with my head down, battling the bitter cold and icy wind. I walk briskly as I try to get away from the never-ending snowfall and consuming gusts of wind tangled with snow. As I take on that mannerism, I seem to […]

10 Things to Add to Your Christmas List

HEY! Guess what?!?!? Christmas is just around the corner. So that means people are making their gift list. As the majority of you reading these blogs are pre-college, yet soon to enter into your freshman year, here are 10 possible ideas for things you may want to add to your Christmas wish list! 1. Laptop A laptop is […]

Looking Back

As we enter into the last day of classes, right before we (Hope students) hit exam week, I have had a moment to breathe and thus this thought has hit me: “This semester, my 3rd semester in college, is coming to end.” What?!?! Wasn’t it just the other day that I got here as part of the orientation staff? How […]

12 Things to Do Now that Snow Has Covered the Campus

12 Things to Do Now that Snow Has Covered the Campus 1). Snow Ball Fight 2). Snow Slurpee’s INGREDIENTS: Snow + Pop/Soda = Snow Slurpee 3). Go to “The Bowl” and Sled Get a group of friends and head a huge dune in Holland called the Bowl. Sled, ski, snowboard…you can do it all. 4).  Snow […]

Scrooge Until Thanksgiving

Halloween just recently ended…you know what that means: Christmas decorations up. Christmas music blaring….NO! You’re right. I said it. Some call me a scrooge, but I prefer to be known as a “Scrooge until Thanksgiving.” And this is the reason why: I LOVE Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday by far. You get a break from […]

Nykerk Withdrawals

Oh No! Not another blog about Nykerk…well I can’t help it. It is been a part of my life for the last two years, and now it is done. I must write about it to commend the memories and people that have inspired me along the Nykerk Way. If you are reading this and you are thinking, […]

Bromance at its Finest

As defined by Merriam-Webster, a bromance is “a close nonsexual friendship between men.” Hmmm….sounds about right! Something I have been able to find at college…Bromance. Meet my bro and roomie this year, Noah. He’s a pretty rad dude. Noah and I met around second semester my freshman year. We hit it off right away and […]