My Humble Abode


When my parents dropped me off at college this year, my roommate wasn’t coming for another two days and my room was far from where I wanted it to be. Eventually, my roommate, Noah, came and we put our heads together and figured out the set up of our room.

My mom was curious what we ended up doing and thus, the other day (or like a month ago),¬†my mom asked me to send some pictures of how my roommate and I did my room. I thought to myself…”Pictures…..that’s far too boring.” So I came up with something a little different. Enjoy¬†seeing Durfee 322 for yourself.

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Published by John Luke Hawkins

My name is John Luke Hawkins and I am a sophomore at Hope. I am from the small agriculture town of Tipton, Indiana. I love my new Home sweet Hope. Currently, I double majoring in Communications and Religion. When I am not doing homework (too often), I might be working one of my jobs as a Library Worker, Overnight Host, or Student Blogger. If I am not doing homework or work, I am probably doing something with my numerous organizations that I am involved in such as Dance Marathon, Gospel Choir, Intramurals, Nykerk, and a small group. If I come up with free time amongst all that, then I like to run, free dance, self-reflect, go on adventures, and spend time with friends. Hope College has really helped me discover who I am. Here it is in seven words: energetic, organized, contemplative, determined, silly, social, and intentional.

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