Takeover our Snapchat account!

snapchat-ghost-hopePublic Affairs and Marketing is excited to bring you Takeover Tuesdays beginning in December! Takeover Tuesdays are an opportunity for student organizations and Hope offices to “take over” the official Hope College Snapchat story in order to give our followers behind-the-scenes access, while promoting your group’s event and mission to Hope’s Snapchat Followers. We estimate more than 1,000 people, mostly students, are following us.

How does it work?

With guidance from PA&M, your organization will be given a temporary password to log in to the Hope College account on the day of your takeover. You will then be allowed to publish photos, videos, stickers and doodles to our Snapchat Story for up to 24 hours. No experience with Snapchat? No problem! Consider approaching a student worker or intern in your office to help.

We are proud of our reputation on Snapchat, so we ask that you give careful consideration to the type of story you plan to share. Below you will find links to our storyboard planning document and takeover guidelines, as well as a link to sign up for your Takeover Tuesday. We recommend that you plan your takeover near or on a Tuesday of an event or activity you’re hosting as a way to promote and build excitement for the event. Take a look at a few examples of recent Snapchat stories.

Snapchat planning resources

Snapchat Takeover Guidelines

Snapchat Storyboard Planner

Request a Takeover Tuesday

Follow the Hope story on Snapchat

The Hope College Snapchat account was started in fall 2015 as a way to engage our students in personalized story telling. Since the account started, Public Affairs and Marketing has been working to increase its number of followers by creating engaging stories with unique content that showcases different aspects of our campus community. Our audience is primarily students so our content is geared towards them as well as our alumni and prospective students.

This photo was taken at a recent basketball game. We doodled over top and added text to make the photo more interesting and informative. Then, this photo was put together with several others to form our “story” for the weekend.

Being a high school student during the rise of Snapchat has given me a better understanding of the various features Snapchat offers. Each snap can last a maximum of 10 seconds, and a series of snaps can be combined to create a “story” which can last up to 24 hours. There are an array of photo filters to choose from, color options, variations in text formatting, and the decision itself to use photo or video for a snap. Utilizing these features, we have the exciting challenge to create stories that are not only fun to watch but also give our students and prospective students a behind-the-scenes look at our campus community.

Examples of our Snapchat stories include Visit Days, the Pull, Nykerk, Homecoming, athletic events and other special events happening around campus. Campus offices and student groups are invited to “takeover” our account on Tuesdays, or during special events, to engage with our followers and to promote their events and activities. Learn more about Takeover Tuesdays.

Groups that have taken over our account include Dance Marathon, The Hope College Alumni Association, Nykerk Cup Competition and The Panhellenic Council. Interested in taking over our account for a day? Let us know!

Once a story has run on our account for 24 hours, an archive is uploaded to the Hope College YouTube channel. Check out our Snapchat playlist below and make sure to follow us for live event coverage.

A Few New Web Projects

We had a busy summer working on the new inHope and new Athletics website and app, but we’ve also had a handful of fun projects this fall that we’d like to share with you.

  • Dining Menus: we worked with Dining Services to introduce an entire new website for their area that also features new dining menus. The new menus were created and are completely managed within Google Calendar and allow the dining staff to maintain and update their daily menus easily and while on the go. The menu content is pushed out to their website as well as the display screens in the dining halls automatically and in real time. We’ve also introduced a new set of allergen icons.
  • EMS: many of you use EMS to reserve rooms around campus throughout the year. We gave the Virtual EMS interface a bit of a branding refresher and an overall clean and sleek look.
  • Tickets: our online ticket platform, Webtix, also got a branding update to match our hope.edu tempalate. The new tickets.hope.edu is now responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Admissions Rep Finder: We’ve had an “Admissions Find Your Representative” feature on our website for a while, but the data and files associated with it have had to be manually updated each time a change occurred. The new Admissions Rep Finder is now connected to our institutional Banner data, so updates and changes are made automatically.

Pro-Dev Day Slides

Thank you to all who participating in the first-ever Hope Pro-Dev Day. We were delighted to welcome so many of our colleagues — nearly 150! — for a day of learning, fun and fellowship.

We’ve already received suggestions for session themes and topics for our next Pro-Dev Day (yes, we’re hoping to host another one next year!).

Many of you have asked about availability of session materials. Those materials, including PowerPoint presentations, are now available in this Google Drive folder, and are posted on the Pro-Dev Day website.

Again, thank you for engaging and investing in professional development at Hope College!

Last reminder: Pro-Dev Day

Could it be that you’re still thinking about joining us for “Pro-Dev Day,” this Monday, October 10? And could it be that you have a few lingering questions about this all-day professional development conference for Hope employees? Let’s see if we can address some of those questions:

  • Will I be welcome? With open arms. Every employee is invited, and every employee is welcome!
  • What if I don’t have all day to spend at the conference? You’re in luck! Participants may attend all or any portion of the day. We’d love to see you there, even if you are able to participate in only one session.
  • What if I can’t afford the registration fee? Haha, trick question! This is the most budget-friendly conference you’ll ever attend. The entire day —even lunch — is free of charge to employees.
  • Where do I go? Meet us at the Haworth Center, and we’ll help you find your session location.
  • What if I haven’t registered? What are you waiting for?! We encourage you to register today so that the planning team can anticipate space and catering needs. If (and only if) you register in advance, you’ll have a chance of winning some fantastic door prizes.
  • What if I forget to register? No worries —for the most part. Registration is not mandatory for most sessions. However, registration is required for the “StrengthsFinder” session and for lunch, featuring keynote speaker Jason Kehrer ’03, who will present “The Art and Design of Empathy in Everyday Life.” Note that registration for the “StrengthsFinder” session will close at 4pm today.
  • What if I can’t decide which session to attend? That’s a tough one. We think they all look pretty great!
  • What if I am super-excited about Pro-Dev Day and I want to share my excitement with others? If that’s the case, then you’ve just been officially inducted into the Public Affairs and Marketing Admiration Society. Feel free to post about the event on social media using the hashtag #HopeProDev. Memes always encouraged.
  • Where I go to learn more and sign up? Glad you asked! Check out these sites for more details:
  • Learn more
  • Schedule
  • Sessions
  • Keynote
  • RSVP

We look forward to having some fun on Monday, October 10!

Register for Pro-Dev Day!

It’s just around the corner! On Monday, October 10, the Public Affairs and Marketing Division and the Office of Human Resources will cohost the first-ever “Pro-Dev Day,” a professional development conference especially for Hope employees. This all-day event will take place at the Haworth Center.

Pro-Dev Day is free for all employees. Everybody is welcome, and participants may attend all or any portion of the day.

Please take a moment to review the Pro-Dev Day schedule, which features sessions on a number of topics. We encourage you to register in advance so that the planning team can anticipate space needs. While registration is not mandatory for most sessions, it is required for the “StrengthsFinder” session and for lunch (free!), featuring keynote speaker Jason Kehrer ’03, who will present “The Art and Design of Empathy in Everyday Life.” 

Don’t delay — sign up today. We look forward to seeing you on October 10!

Save the Date: A Pro-Dev Day Just for Hope

Please mark your calendars for a new event coming soon! On Monday, October 10, the Public Affairs and Marketing Division and the Office of Human Resources will be co-hosting a professional development conference for Hope employees. The goal of this daylong event is to empower our colleagues with tools, skills and knowledge that will strengthen our collective efforts and also provide frequently requested information.

Like other professional development conferences, this event will feature a lineup of breakout sessions and general sessions on a selection of topics. (It also will include lunch!) The event will take place at the Haworth Center, making it easily accessible to employees. All are welcome, and participants may attend one, some or all sessions. We will be asking for you to RSVP so that we can plan accordingly.

Here are some of the topics being offered:

  • Planning and Promoting Your Campus Event
  • Tools to Simplify Social Media Management
  • Storytelling: Avenues for Sharing Your Story
  • Using inHope/Calendar
  • Upping Your PowerPoint Game
  • Your Handbook 101: What’s Changing?
  • Retirement on the Horizon? What You Need to Know
  • StrengthsFinder
  • Wellness


Why during Fall Break? We planned the conference to occur when offices are a little quieter and staff may have more availability. Understandably, some individuals may be off campus that day. If you’re not able to join us, don’t fret — we are already thinking ahead to the next one!

In the spirit of community, we hope that this event will live into Strategic Plan Goal 4, Objective 3: Assess, address and promote a campus culture where each person can flourish. Supervisors, please encourage your staff to participate.

Watch for registration details coming soon. We look forward to a great conference with you!