Improvements to the digital experience at Hope

Another Summer has slipped by but not without several exciting new projects for the web team in Public Affairs and Marketing.

Whether it was enhancing our online calendar, embracing Gen Z’s use of Instagram and TikTok, or implementing an entirely new academic catalog, Summer was packed with fun and meaningful work to improve the digital experience at Hope.

Highlights from our Summer in the web team suite

  • New team member: We welcomed our new colleague Shelbey (Snider) Phillips ’17 back to Hope as the college’s new social media manager.
  • Academic catalog: We partnered with the Registrar’s office to successfully implement an entirely new academic catalog. Tip of the hat to the Registrar’s office for their extra effort in making it possible to launch before the fall semester.
  • Calendar: The campus calendar has a new look and feel that better aligns with
  • Maps: Several updates to our campus map have been made or are in production including parking lot changes, a new sustainability category, and the addition of new cottages (coming soon!)
  • Spera magazine: The sunsetting of Spera as an independent magazine required rethinking the custom elements of both the Spera and News from Hope College websites. You will now find Spera content inside News from Hope College in print and online.
  • Have you checked out the new Athletics website? Shout-out to Alan Babbitt, Craig Tommola, Mackenzie McMahon, Lindsey Engelsman and Julie Huisingh for their detailed work implementing an outstanding website.
  • Social media: We’ve focused our summer content on welcoming the largest class ever to Hope this fall using Instagram Reels and TikTok. Highlights included getting to know the Orientation Directors, exploring res halls, featuring on-campus job opportunities and helping #Hope2026 prepare for college.
  • YouTube Reboot: The Hope College YouTube channel is getting a makeover to better serve as a video hub for attracting prospective students, families, new employees and donors. Rest assured your videos will still be there but our playlists and channel homepage might look a little different after we reorganize our content.
  • Focus on First-Gen: We’re shining a spotlight on our inspiring first-gen community at Hope in a new video on Youtube and in the article Blazing Trails inside the summer issue of News from Hope College.
  • Career Wheel: A new custom interactive Career Wheel allows students to visually connect the 90+ majors, minors and programs offered at Hope to various professional paths based on the career activity of over 35,000 Hope College alumni worldwide.
  • Updated brand color palette: Hope’s brand colors are now dynamically accessible on Just click a color to copy its hex code.
  • New and updated websites: Campus Ministries, Residential Life & Housing, Vita Scholars Program and more!

If you’re thinking of a new digital project that our web team can help with, we would like to hear from you! Please reach out to us through

Hope College, Re-imagined

Sometimes ideas come to fruition overnight. Sometimes they’re a few years in the making.

Once upon a time, a friend and colleague said to me (something along the lines of), “Wouldn’t national park-style posters of Hope College be so great?” 

The idea rolled around in my head for more years than I care to admit. Until September 2021 when I thought there might be a way to move the concept forward without adding too many extra hours to a very busy in-house Creative Services team.

With a little research, I discovered a well-rated freelance graphic designer on Fiverr who specialized in this type of vintage poster design. Within just a few emails and several photos shared with the designer, I felt confident enough to give them a try for a few poster concepts. Together we worked our way through a few barriers in terms of time zones and language (Graves Hall became translated into “Graveyard Room” and Pine Grove became “Pine Land” somewhere along the way.). But in just a few weeks, I had beautiful, editable vector files that I felt were good to move to another stage here on Hope’s campus.

The next stage was letting our student graphic designers (Katie Shantz ’22, Parker Johnson ’22, Kaylee Siebert ’22) put their own spin on the vintage national park concepts! Our team of student designers is essential to the function of the Creative Services group for hundreds of projects every year. Sometimes their projects are more fun, but they are often tasked with simple event posters and mundane edits. This project allowed them to flex their creative muscles over several months. There were no barriers other than their own inspired minds! 

And we couldn’t be more pleased with the results! After printing a few samples of the student designers’ finished designs here on Hope’s campus and hanging them up in the office, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. “These are so cool!”

So we had them professionally printed and asked our friends in the Bookstore if they would be interested in selling them. Again, a resounding, “Yes!” A fun project with invaluable student employee involvement has gone to market!

Check out and tell us your favorite poster. For only $10 one can be yours!  

(Stay tuned – we think there will be more limited edition vintage-style Hope College posters in the future!)

Summer ’22 “News from Hope College” Lives Up to Its Season and Name

Research is a day at the beach as Hope scientists explore the ecology of Lake Michigan’s spectacular coastal sand dunes in the new Summer ’22 News from Hope College, now available online and en route to mailboxes near and far.

The issue’s cover story leads off Spera, a new section highlighting the breadth and depth of the groundbreaking faculty scholarship taking place campus wide (and regularly conducted collaboratively with students).  Spera — from the college’s motto, Spera in Deo (“Hope in God”) — was a limited-run, stand-alone journal published annually from 2017 through 2021, but will now be a regular part of the thrice-a-year NfHC so that we can share the work more frequently and with the entire Hope family.  It continues this time with kinesiology (“What Makes Athletes Tick?”) and economics (“Do High Rates of Homicide Slow Imports and Exports?”) along with geological and environmental science, with entirely different mixes of departments and topics planned for December and April — and more beyond.

Spera, of course, is just part of what you’ll find within!  We wrap up 2021-22 with insights from the Baccalaureate and Commencement addresses, overviews of student and faculty awards, and a review of the historic multi-championship year in athletics.  As the 2022-23 school year approaches, we look at the unique challenges faced by first-generation college students, and visit a new chapel developed especially with Hope’s Catholic community in mind.  We focus on the arts with a celebration of Hope Summer Repertory Theatre’s first 50 years, and a preview of the new studio space that is on deck for Hope’s thriving Department of Dance.  See, too, how a creative alumni couple is helping shape the future through a distinctive way of supporting Hope Forward, and enjoy a new collection of posters featuring beloved campus landmarks in the iconic style of national park posters of the 1930s and 1940s.  (Stay tuned to this space in the days ahead for more about how those posters came to be, the creative role that students played and how to acquire prints through the Hope College Bookstore.)

Goodbye Campusmail! Hello Hope Daily.

At the end of August (and for the first time in approximately 30 years!) the Public Affairs and Marketing team is changing the way mass emails are distributed to employees at Hope College. The current “campusmail” system of pushing out numerous emails x multiple times per day will be replaced with a single daily newsletter. “Hope Daily” will include a day’s worth of concise announcements and news items in one easy-to-read message.

“Hope Daily” will contain familiar sections and themes to hopefully create a simple-to-navigate message. You will find campus events, announcements, family news, Human Resources features and an Academic and Campus Governance section.

Messages of an urgent nature will still be distributed as necessary and separately from “Hope Daily.” These could include Clery Act timely warnings, safety notices, unplanned technology outages, and unplanned changes to building access or services. 

Example of the new Hope Daily message!

We believe that, though change is sometimes challenging, this upgrade will be very beneficial to our campus community. This allows us to sunset some outdated technology that our awesome partners at CIT have sustained for years. We hope this change will also allow us to somewhat mitigate the email fatigue that many of us experience. There may be days where there is no news to report. If so, we’ll skip “Hope Daily” that day and you’ll have one less message to review.

Our form for submitting an announcement or news item to “Hope Daily” is available linked under “Resources” on InHope.

Working version of the Hope Daily submission form (8/3/2022)

We “heart” the Hope College community!

We LOVE the Hope College community. It is true.
So we made these valentines just for you.

Print this PDF and cut them out,
or share on social media if that’s what you’re about.

Tag your posts #GoHope, wooden shoe?
Happy Valentine’s Day to the Orange and Blue!

Go Hope Card I hope you'll be mine card I'm your #1 fan card #1 fan card Orange you glad you're mine card

Carve your very own Hope College pumpkin!

Halloween is nearly here. Share your Hope College spirit with the neighborhood!

Three Hope College Pumpkins
Go Hope!

Choose your favorite template and use it to trace the design on your pumpkin. Once you carve your Hope pumpkin, post a picture and tag Hope College on social media for a chance to appear on our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Happy Halloween!

Click a title below to download a pdf template. 

Block H Template

Hope College Anchor

Campus toolkit for COVID-19 communication

The first few weeks of spring semester are behind us and we are so grateful for every passing day that our students are together on campus for in-person classes. It takes our entire campus community to make this happen and we are thankful for the many teams and individuals who are #KeepingHope here!

Public Affairs and Marketing has created a digital communication toolkit for our campus partners to help raise awareness for health and safety measures on campus, and to help slow the spread of COVID-19 this semester. In the toolkit, you’ll find graphics for social media, TV screens, printable pdfs, and sample social media posts that you can share with your department and online followers.

While we are unable to customize these elements for individual offices or departments, we hope they will be helpful as you continue raising awareness for the health and safety of our entire Hope community. We’re in this together. Thank you for your commitment. Go Hope!

Customize your virtual meeting with Hope College campus scenery

It’s a new year. Time to level-up your virtual meetings with a new Hope College campus background.

Download your Hope College campus background here.

Not seeing your favorite spot on campus in our folder? Send us an email and we may be able to help you out.

Election 2020: Upcoming events, resources and opportunities on campus

On Monday, you received an email from Dr. Sonja Trent-Brown, Dr. Richard Frost, Dr. Gerald Griffin and Dr. Trygve Johnson about campuswide efforts to “Keep HOPE” through this election season. Today, we launched an Election 2020 webpage (, where we will be sharing upcoming events, resources and opportunities to engage and support the campus community.

You can help with this initiative!

If your department or division would like to add content to, please email me with your information. Currently, we are featuring *only* official Hope-sponsored events, resources and opportunities on the webpage; we are not using the site to promote external programs or share links to outside events. 

If your event is not on the Hope calendar, please be sure to add it! And if a physical location on campus is needed for your event, make sure that you have reserved the space through EMS and that you are following all the guidelines for on-campus gatherings. Need help with any of this? Please email Julie Huisingh in Public Affairs and Marketing for assistance.      

THANK YOU for all you’re doing to foster belonging, understanding and grace at Hope College!

Are you HOPE READY?!

Can you believe the start of the school year is nearly here?
So many of us have been working countless hours to be HOPE READY for the start of the school year. What does HOPE READY mean? It means that on top of our current (and extended) responsibilities, we’re embracing (from an appropriate distance, of course) the guidelines for a safe re-engagement with the campus community. We’re washing hands, wearing face coverings, keeping physically distant, cleaning our work and study areas and holding one another accountable.
How can you share the HOPE READY spirit with others?

By the way, if you’ve been near campus (which looks stunning, by the way), you’ll notice some beautiful new lightpole banners installed by our fantastic Physical Plant team. #KeepingHope will continue for the foreseeable future. It’s on all of us to keep the culture and enthusiasm of Hope College going no matter the format.

We can’t wait to see you again. Thank you for #KeepingHope all of these weeks and months. You are truly what makes this place exceptional.