Thinking about creating a video? Read this first!

Over the last year, there has been a significant increase in Hope College video production. With more Hope video comes more visibility for the college (great!) as well as more demand, more deadlines and more concern about quality (sometimes stressful!). Recently, the Public Affairs and Marketing team updated its guidelines for video production. We invite you to take a look, and let us know if you have any questions. In the meantime, let us answer a few of the most common questions we field:

  • I’d like to create a video and post it to the Hope website. How do I do that? In order to be posted on the Hope website, your video first must be published on the Hope YouTube Channel… and in order for the video to be published on the Hope YouTube Channel, you must follow Hope’s video production guidelines.
  • Do I have to let Public Affairs and Marketing know I’m creating a video? If you want your video to be considered for the Hope YouTube Channel, yes! Contact us at least two weeks prior to the start of your production — but ideally, as soon as you get the idea for your video.
  • Can a student produce a video for our office or department? You bet! Hope students are very talented, and they do great work on videos. (Here’s an example of a fantastic video that a *student* produced for a recent Admissions initiative.) If a student is creating a video that you plan to post on the Hope website, the student must meet with a Web Communications staff member prior to production so we can discuss the guidelines in person. To set up a meeting, contact the team at 395.7860 or
  • Can you make the video for me? Hope College does offer professional video services! Our video services manager, Phil Blauw, is awesome. Submit your request, and we’ll follow up to begin planning the next steps.
  • What’s the best length for a video? Quick answer: Depends on how you’re using it, but somewhere between 30 and 60 seconds.
  • I shot a video and noticed afterward that the students/employees we featured were wearing Calvin apparel. Is that OK? That’s a trick question! If you answered “yes,” go immediately to the Hope College Bookstore! Do not pass GO! Do not collect $200! It hurts our orange-and-blue hearts when we see Hope videos featuring students and employees wearing branded attire from other schools.
  • It’s cool if I wait until the last minute to request that my video get posted on the Hope College YouTube channel, right? Another trick question! Please give us as much notice as you can. Do not wait until your video is complete to make your request. (Tip: Our very first question will be, “Did you follow the guidelines?”)
  • Does it matter if I use my mobile device to produce the video? Does it matter if I shoot video horizontally or vertically? Does it matter if I use copyrighted music and images in my video? Yes, yes and YES. Please see the guidelines for more information.
  • I don’t have the Hope logo on file. Can I recreate the logo myself, and maybe throw in some Comic Sans font? Ouch! Proper usage of the Hope College brand is required for all videos. Our Creative Services team is happy to field your brand questions; contact them at 395.7860 or
  • Do I need to include a transcription of my video? OK, so we don’t get this question often. But you should know that, as of Jan. 1, 2018, all videos hosted by Hope College must include transcriptions for accessibility. You are required to submit a transcription for all videos. To discuss any questions or concerns, please contact our Web Communications team at 395.7860 or


Interested in chatting about your video ideas? Let us know. We can’t wait to help you flex your creative muscles.

Email Signature Generator

Email SignatureHow does your email signature look? Wanting to give it a little sprucing up as well as make it consistent with what others are using at Hope?

We’ve built a super slick HTML email signature generator (choose “Request”) which will provide you will a properly formatted and branded contact block to insert as your signature. Check it out and let us know how you like it!

Thanks for attending Meet the Personas Open House!

Thanks to those of you who attended our Meet the Personas Open House this week! It was great getting a chance to share these with our broader campus community.


What are our User Personas? Fifteen (15) fictional characters that have been created to help us better understand the experience of Hope College’s various audiences.

Learn more!

Meet the User Personas Open House

Please join us for our upcoming “Meet the User Personas Open House”.

Wednesday, January 29
1:30 – 3:00 p.m.
Martha Miller 1st Floor Rotunda
refreshments will be served!

Fifteen (15) fictional characters have been created to help us better understand the experience of Hope College’s various audiences. We would like to introduce these personas to you and hear your feedback! Please come and go as your schedule permits.

More information about User Personas & Scenarios.

New Brand Resource Request

We have recently re-worked our Brand Resource Request page to better serve you. Visit and click the Brand Resource Request link on the left. On this form you will find:
  • downloadable PowerPoint, memo and report templates
  • downloadable Hope College logos
  • email signature generator
  • order form for business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc. 
  • samples of each item and more!

We hope that you will find this new page helpful as you continue to implement the brand and develop your messaging. Please let us know your thoughts!

Brand Implementation

In the past few weeks we (along with Mighty, our website design partner) have been learning more about our identified website audiences so we can better communicate with them.

This week we’ve been holding a set of workshops, “Building Your Stories through the Web.” At these sessions we are:

  • Previewing exciting new changes to how we will be providing brand assets to campus (logos, letterhead, business cards, nametags, templates, etc).
  • Sharing an overview of our user personas and scenarios, and introducing a few of them in depth.
  • Walking through several exercises to begin learning how to utilize the personas, and using brand attributes to craft messages.

You can sign up on our online form to attend one of these sessions.

New Hope Envelopes & Letterhead Now Available at the Bookstore

We’re excited to share that our friends at The Hope-Geneva Bookstore now have generic Hope College letterhead and matching #10 business envelopes featuring the new Hope logo in stock!

For a limited time, the old Hope College #10 envelopes will still be available. Departments are encouraged to use these for any mailings generated on remaining stock of the old letterhead.

Generic Hope College letterhead can be a great and cost effective way to do mailings for campus departments.