About the Hope College Website Redesign

We’ve been knocking a few holes in the drywall around here. You probably noticed.

Generally speaking, when an organization upgrades its website, they focus on just one element of the process:

  • Refresh the design for a new look, feel and functionality
  • Address strategic changes, like what they’re trying to accomplish with the website or how information is structured and organized
  • Revise content to better address their audience needs or reflect new messaging
  • Implement new processes that clarify roles and workflows throughout the organization

Here at Hope, we’re doing all of the above. Yes, it’s taken some time — a lot of time — but we’re doing more than picking out paint samples and changing out the drapes.

We’re changing the way Hope College communicates online.

Hope.edu Website Development Timeline:

Please reach out to Hope College Web Communications at any time with questions or comments: web@hope.edu.