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Happy Thanksgiving Hope College!

Since Thanksgiving was yesterday, and our bellies are full of turkey and our minds are full of memories, I can’t help but think about all the traditions my family has during this holiday season. As you think about what traditions you have, I’m going to walk you through some of the traditions I hold dear to my heart.

To start off, my family always wakes up earlier than normal Thanksgiving morning to watch the Detroit Thanksgiving Parade on T.V. Every year, we say we’re going to head downtown to watch the parade up close and personal, but every year on the couch we stay. It’s a nice thought, going downtown, but it wouldn’t be tradition if we didn’t say we were going to, and then not! So come next year, my prediction? The couch has priority in my mind.

After the parade credits have rolled, we always gather with family to celebrate what we’re thankful for, and of course, eat some wonderful food. It doesn’t matter what side of the family I’m with, but somewhere between the dishes being cleaned up and the pumpkin pie being served, my family always retreats to the couch for the annual Thanksgiving nap. This tradition is classic and will never go out of style. It’s something that my family, and I’m sure almost every family, will keep alive for many years to come.

Once the extra turkey has been packed away and everyone’s left for home, this is when my mom, my sister and I break out a special tradition: Black Friday Shopping. It’s the one time a year when we wake up at 3 AM and watch the pro shoppers come out to play. It’s fun to watch shoppers get so…passionate…about their purchases! Our one rule is that we have to have an open mind about what we’re going to the stores for, because you never know the sales you might find.

The last tradition my family has is the oldest, and in my opinion, the best. Putting up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving is something I can remember doing since I was extremely young. It would take all day, we’d listen to the Elvis Christmas CD for hours, and reminisce on past Christmas seasons by looking at the decorations I made in preschool and kindergarten. Every year, it’s the same routine, and it flips a switch from Thanksgiving to Christmas just like that. It truly is the most magical time of the year for me, and that tradition will only get better as the years go on.

So now that I’ve told you my family traditions, what are some of yours? Whatever they may be, don’t take them for granted! Only make them better throughout the years and be grateful for them, because we only have a little time until we’re making our own traditions!

Until next time Readers!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Published by Mikaila Bisson

Hi there! I'm a Hope Senior from Sterling Heights, Michigan (about 45 minutes North of Detroit). I'm an English major with a Creative Writing emphasis (fitting), and have a Business minor. I'm super active in Hope life. I am a Student Ambassador, the Senior Treasurer on the Executive Board of Nykerk, and was involved in Orientation as an AD. I also work on campus at the Career Development Center as a Career Advisor, and at Hope's Physical Plant. I love playing any kind of sport (soccer's my favorite!), have a weakness for shoes, eat dessert twice a day, read like its my job, am currently watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and have a passion for Golden Retrievers. Contact me at because I'd love to hear from any and everyone. Also feel free to follow my super trendy Instagram account at @miktroubleee or my equally as trendy, even more Hope-filled Twitter account at @hopemikaila17 .

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