7 Tips: When You Get Sick Three Weeks Into College

You barely know your friends, you’re just getting into a routine with your classes, and now you have a nasty cold. What do you do? As a recent head cold survivor, I have seven tips that can make being sick less awful.

1: Drink orange juice. Don’t be a pansy about it, either. Down that stuff.

2: Throw a pity party. Invite your friends! If you complain about being sick for long enough, someone might bring you soup.

3: Watch Netflix. Nothing is better than wasting away the hours in front of a screen. You’re sick, so you can’t think about important things anyway.

4: Wear a blanket. It’s still pretty hot outside, but it sounds like a nice idea, doesn’t it?

5: Procrastinate on your homework. You’re too young to spend time working when you could just sit there, blowing your nose every few minutes.

6: Drink Emergen-C. It tastes horrible. But you’re sick, so you don’t really care that much. Plus, the stuff actually works.

7: Go back to bed. You were made to stay in bed.

Get well soon!

Danny sneezes.
Danny has the sniffles, so he uses a napkin because Kleenex are scarce.

Things I’d Rather Do

Happy Thursday! This week seemed to have flown by, at least for me. However, today was a complete drag, mostly because it was so cold outside, that I was dreading leaving my cozy apartment. I woke up this morning, convinced that Hope would cancel class because it was so ridiculously chilly, but unfortunately that email was never sent. While looking out my window at all of the snow, it got me thinking—there are so many other things I would rather do than walk in these negative temperature conditions! Here’s a list of some practical and also unpractical things that would please me more than having a frozen face walking around campus:

  • Watch Netflix—literally any show because I wouldn’t care what I was watching as long as it distracted me from the freezing weather.
  • Organize the refrigerator—I don’t think anybody ever wants to do this, so it’s saying a lot that I’d rather do this than walk through a bunch of snow.
  • Eat/drink a bottle of ketchup—I personally have never done this, but I imagine it’s better than slipping on ice outside.
  • Stub my toe—this and paper cuts are probably the worst injuries that seem so small, but I would gladly deal with a stubbed toe than have to thaw my whole body after walking to classes.
  • Hiccup for an hour straight—even hiccuping for ten minutes gets super annoying and depending on the severity of the hiccup itself, it can be painful. I would rather suffer through this feeling and sound over not having visibility while walking outside.
  • Do laundry—I think everybody dreads doing this, along with going grocery shopping.
  • Organize and clean up my desktop on my computer—this is something I always put off and sometimes never do, so getting around to this would be a difficult feat.
  • Watch a documentary on ancient architecture—I cannot imagine something more boring and dull, so sitting through this would be more enjoyable than having icicles forming on my face.

I don’t know if you would rather do these things as well to avoid going outside, especially with the wind chill here in Holland, but staying inside is very appealing for days like today! All I can hope for is that it will warm up a tad this weekend in time for the dodgeball tournament tomorrow men’s basketball game on Saturday. Stay warm everybody!

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The First Snowfall of the Year!

Whether we like it or not, Mother Nature made an appearance to Holland and the greater West Michigan area. The snow is here folks, and it’s here to stay until the spring. People have and will continue to complain about, and some people will obsess over it, but as for myself, I’m in the middle. If snow could be here for a month, I would be totally fine with that, but anything more, it’s just redundant. But let’s be real, the first snowfall of the year is so beautiful and is ALWAYS exciting. Just think of the snowflakes as little blessings falling from the sky!

Here’s a weird phenomenon: many areas in the state don’t even have snow. Lucky them, or lucky us?

Anyways, yes, the first snowfall is pretty, but it can unfortunately have consequences. It’s a recurring pattern every first snowfall that many cars end up in ditches or accidents simply because people are not ready for the conditions winter brings, seeing that the last time snow was on the ground was in March/April. That’s almost half a year! Even though such bad things happen, we can count on two things with snow on the ground: 1) THANKSGIVING and 2) CHRISTMAS! These two holidays are my favorites because they encompass the thing that matters to me most, FAM BAM!

Back to Holland though, when the snow was falling from the sky yesterday night, it produced some pretty gnarly conditions. ALL roads were slick and icy. The road was my personal ice rink and I didn’t even need ice skates! In all honesty, I am excited that the snow is here. It’s part of the reason I love Michigan, we get all 4 seasons! Check out my slideshow below of some awesome pictures of the snow! Until next time!

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#Snowpocalypse Part 2

Happy Wednesday to all! I made it to the halfway point of this week. I never thought this would happen assuming how cold it’s been. This week, West Michigan experienced a Polar Vortex thing. As I mentioned in my first #Snowpocalypse blog, Hope College cancelled class at noon last Friday because of deteriorating weather. From Friday until TODAYWEDNESDAY, the weather is still awful. And let me clarify about this crazy weather. Not only did it happen in West Michigan, but it happened everywhere. Here is a NASA photo that The Grand Rapids Press posted on their website.

Snowpocalypse. I wasn't exaggerating.
Snowpocalypse. I wasn’t exaggerating.

See? Saying snowpocalypse was an understatement. It should be more like, ICE AGE. Anyways, that weekend was fun because I got to spend a lot of time with Hannah and Divya. Let me update you on this week now. Surprisingly, Hope did not close school this past Monday and Tuesday. I mean, we’ve already had 2.5 snow days. BUT, all public schools, colleges, and universities around us closed down due to deteriorating weather. So, it was frustrating at times, yes, but I’m glad we had school – no make up work.

Transitioning to my classes: although Hope did not cancel school, my clinical on BOTH Monday and Tuesday were canceled because of the inclement weather. Taking a trek to Grand Rapids in THIS weather is merely not worth it, especially if it means risking your life. This week has been interesting to say the least. I had no clinical Monday and Tuesday, so I did SO much homework and studied for my exam tomorrow. I feel pretty good about it! Here is a random picture of me frozen due to Mother Nature.

I'm frozen and can't feel my face.
I’m frozen and can’t feel my face.

I am happy I didn’t have to risk my life going to Grand Rapids, but this makes it so that we are not gaining our experience at our clinical site. But as always, safety first! So instead of the trek to Grand Rapids, I trekked to the library to study. We LITERALLY have 3 feet of snow on the ground. It is practically up to my waist. Want proof?

Look at the snow. P.S., 2 thumbs up for not having clinical!
Look at the snow. P.S., 2 thumbs up for not having clinical!

Long story short, so much wind, so much snow, so much ice, and it won’t stop. I just can’t get a break, and this weather was fun at first. Now it’s just irritating. I feel bad for the people that live north of Grand Rapids. If you think we were hit hard, imagine that X 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)! My little brother has his 4th snow day today. I don’t think has ever happened! Anyway, there is my update on Mother Nature.

Random side note: This week, I’m going vegetarian just to see what it’s like. I already miss bacon, but this will be fun. Yesterday, I made tofu stir fry and fried rice. Let me tell you, it was one of the best things I’ve ever cooked. Here’s a pic!

I'm going veg!
I’m going veg!

If you all have any awesome suggestions for vegetarian meals, let me know! Today, I’ll be having salad for lunch, and spicy black bean burger for with fried rice for dinner! Ok folks, stay warm and safe out there! If you have suggestions for veggie meals, or just want to chat, you should probably follow me on twitter at @HopeMarvin15.


If you have been following me or any of the other Hope bloggers on Twitter, you are probably aware of what happened on Thursday. If this is sounding new, let me bring you up to speed: it snowed.

I repeat, it SNOWED. In OCTOBER.

This is not what Hope looks like! This is simply a beautiful picture of snow I found

As a Kansas-born, Michigan-bred girl, I am no stranger to winter weather conditions. The word “snow” don’t make me panic or cower, and I even enjoy it when appropriate. Key word: appropriate. Late October is in no way, shape, or form, appropriate weather for snow.

Like I just said, I was raised in Michigan, so this is not my first time seeing snow in October. I even ran a cross country in snow in October once in high school. The difference between then and now is that now I’m in college.

Snow in college poses several difficulties:

  1. Field placements/student teaching. For my education field placement this semester, I am placed at a local high school. Luckily, the high school is not too far away from campus, but snowy conditions means that I have to wake up earlier to allow myself more driving time, and I have to take off whatever mountain of show accumulated on my the day before. Not so much fun to do at 6:45 AM.
  2. Walking. Unlike high school, where the closest you get to snow during the school day is the window, you have to walk everywhere in college. Hope’s small campus means that my walks aren’t very far, but I still spend a significant about of time outside. If I had to estimate, I would say that I spend at least one hour per day walking around campus. With gusting winds, heavy snow fall, and cold temperatures, my enjoyable fall walks become detestable in winter. Also, a snow day in college is as rare as a 70-degree day in November; it almost never happens (in case you were wondering, the last time Hope closed for a snow day was in 2011). So no matter how much it snows or how cold it gets, I still have to go outside.
  3. Mental Preparation. Though I enjoy seeing the beauty of all four seasons, summer is by far the best time of the year for me. After it ends, I go through a mourning and denial period, a.k.a fall, where I still try to wear my summer clothes for as long as I can. The few months of fall allow me to reminisce over summer while preparing for the upcoming winter. The unexpectedly short fall this year has not given me enough time to get myself into the right mindset for snow, which has consequently led me to my current state of shock, confusion, anger, and sadness.

So you see, I’m not complaining over nothing. I have legitimate reasons to be upset over the snow. However, not all hope it lost. As I’m typing these final words, the sun is starting to peak out from behind the clouds and the snow patches are melting into snow puddles.

God really does answer prayers.


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