Back To School, Snowpocalypse, Africa Oh My!

Well, the first week of the spring semester is finished. To top it off, it finished on a great note because we have a SNOWDAY TODAY! For those of you who don’t remember, the weather was like this exactly one year ago. It was so bad that people coined the term, “Snowpocalypse 2014.” I definitely think it’s safe to say that it can be carried over to this year. But in comparison to last year, my gut tells me that its worse this time around. In less than 24 hours, Holland accumulated 1 foot of snow, and more is expected. The wind gusts are so strong that it shifts the snow making it very deep in some places. This snowday is for a good reason,

The text message that brought the best news of the week.
The text message that brought one of the best news of this week.

Despite all of this cold weather, the winter and Mother Nature make Hope look very pretty, making this week back to school that much better. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the winter except that I can go skiing. Other than that, snow is only pretty from the inside. My plan for today’s snowday is to stay in my sweats, eat food, watch Netflix, and stay in bed. Oh, and maybe do some of that thing called homework.

Okay, enough about the weather. Classes are going swell. I just can’t believe this is my last undergraduate semester, so everyday counts. Before I know it, May 3rd will be around the corner. It feels great to be back and go on a routine. Seeing all of my friends is also a plus! Back to the weather one more time, even though today’s snowday is a highlight, I have better new for you. In October, I applied to the Peace Corps in hopes to serve our country abroad in the health field. This past week, I have been notified that I am being considered to serve in Cameroon for the Child and Maternal Health Volunteer Program. To top it off, I RECEIVED AN INVITATION FOR AN INTERVIEW NEXT WEEK! To be considered for a program and to have an interview is such an honor in itself. I am looking forward to my joinery with the Peace Corps. I will keep you all updated!

Well, that’s it for now my fellow readers! Enjoy these two beautiful pictures of Hope I took this week, and make sure to follow me on Twitter at @HopeMarvin15 and follow me on Instagram at Marvsolberg to get a feel for what life is like at Hope! Stay warm!

#Snowpocalypse Part 2

Happy Wednesday to all! I made it to the halfway point of this week. I never thought this would happen assuming how cold it’s been. This week, West Michigan experienced a Polar Vortex thing. As I mentioned in my first #Snowpocalypse blog, Hope College cancelled class at noon last Friday because of deteriorating weather. From Friday until TODAYWEDNESDAY, the weather is still awful. And let me clarify about this crazy weather. Not only did it happen in West Michigan, but it happened everywhere. Here is a NASA photo that The Grand Rapids Press posted on their website.

Snowpocalypse. I wasn't exaggerating.
Snowpocalypse. I wasn’t exaggerating.

See? Saying snowpocalypse was an understatement. It should be more like, ICE AGE. Anyways, that weekend was fun because I got to spend a lot of time with Hannah and Divya. Let me update you on this week now. Surprisingly, Hope did not close school this past Monday and Tuesday. I mean, we’ve already had 2.5 snow days. BUT, all public schools, colleges, and universities around us closed down due to deteriorating weather. So, it was frustrating at times, yes, but I’m glad we had school – no make up work.

Transitioning to my classes: although Hope did not cancel school, my clinical on BOTH Monday and Tuesday were canceled because of the inclement weather. Taking a trek to Grand Rapids in THIS weather is merely not worth it, especially if it means risking your life. This week has been interesting to say the least. I had no clinical Monday and Tuesday, so I did SO much homework and studied for my exam tomorrow. I feel pretty good about it! Here is a random picture of me frozen due to Mother Nature.

I'm frozen and can't feel my face.
I’m frozen and can’t feel my face.

I am happy I didn’t have to risk my life going to Grand Rapids, but this makes it so that we are not gaining our experience at our clinical site. But as always, safety first! So instead of the trek to Grand Rapids, I trekked to the library to study. We LITERALLY have 3 feet of snow on the ground. It is practically up to my waist. Want proof?

Look at the snow. P.S., 2 thumbs up for not having clinical!
Look at the snow. P.S., 2 thumbs up for not having clinical!

Long story short, so much wind, so much snow, so much ice, and it won’t stop. I just can’t get a break, and this weather was fun at first. Now it’s just irritating. I feel bad for the people that live north of Grand Rapids. If you think we were hit hard, imagine that X 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)! My little brother has his 4th snow day today. I don’t think has ever happened! Anyway, there is my update on Mother Nature.

Random side note: This week, I’m going vegetarian just to see what it’s like. I already miss bacon, but this will be fun. Yesterday, I made tofu stir fry and fried rice. Let me tell you, it was one of the best things I’ve ever cooked. Here’s a pic!

I'm going veg!
I’m going veg!

If you all have any awesome suggestions for vegetarian meals, let me know! Today, I’ll be having salad for lunch, and spicy black bean burger for with fried rice for dinner! Ok folks, stay warm and safe out there! If you have suggestions for veggie meals, or just want to chat, you should probably follow me on twitter at @HopeMarvin15.


From frigid arctic air, ice, and ungodly amounts of snow, Hope College has endured so much already this semester. I’m pretty sure that this fine institution has made HISTORY. Why? 2½ snow days in ONE SEMESTER. This school never closes because of snow because we’re a residential college. Meaning, the majority of students live on-campus, and faculty/staff live in the greater Holland area. But, mother nature is no match for the Flying Dutch. She definitely stopped by West Michigan and left her mark.

Although she has left the majority of her mark, she’s still lingering, and it’s quite irritating. Nonetheless, that’s not stopping me from my fun! I want share with you all what happened during my extended weekend! So yeah, EXTENDED weekend! The campus closed down at noon, and my only class was at 1. Score. After walking back to my apartment, I did absolutely nothing. THEN, one of my bests, HANNAH, had the brilliant idea of going to Meijer for groceries, you know before we get trapped in the snow. Here’s an interesting quote she said, and it’s so true…

“Why do we always decide to get groceries whenever there’s a winter storm?”

Anyway, there was a bunch of snow on her car. And she was not having it. So, I cleaned it off, but then I realized I didn’t have my gloves on, so Hannah had to finish the snow removal. She was just a little frustrated with the snow.

She's just not that happy about the snow.
She’s just not that happy about the snow.

By the way, if any of you need tours of our beautiful campus, Hannah is your girl! She is a tour guide at admissions, and let me tell you, she gives some GOOD tours!! Ok, so after our little Meijer adventure, we worked on some homework (yeah, it’s what we did during the majority of the snow day), then we treated ourselves to dinner, enjoyed a thriller movie called 911 with Halle Berry (SIDE NOTE: it’s really INTENSE), then went to sleep respectively.

Saturday came along, and the weather still has not changed one bit. So much wind, so much snow, and so much frigidness. Might I add, the Holland Road Commission and Hope College took a while to plow the roads, parking lots, and sidewalks because there was simply so. much. snow. Here is a picture on my way to back to Hannah’s apartment. The snow is merely endless.

Endless amount of snow.
Endless amount of snow.

My goal for this Saturday: get work done. I had some curriculum development I had to tend to, and some homework. But before I did any of that, I went to the Dow to workout with Hannah and Divya. We were literally working out for more than an hour. And let me tell you, I AM SORE. But it’s the good kind of sore! So, I had so much adrenaline after working out, I was motivated to accomplish everything on my “to-do” list. First on that list was to move my car to my apartment parking lot. Let me tell you, that was a hassle. I got my care out of my parking spot, but I could not get it out of the actual parking lot, so I called for some help. My good friend Austin had to come and help shovel me out. TWICE! Once in the parking lot where my car was, and one at my apartment’s parking lot. Crazy. But, I didn’t feel silly because I saw AT LEAST 10 people who were stuck and digging their cars out. In the midst of the frustration, I took a snowpocalypse selfie. Here ya go.

#Snowpocalypse #selfie
#Snowpocalypse #selfie

Eventually, I did my work and homework. It ended up being a pretty good day. After homework, I made myself some dinner, and went over to Hannah and Divya’s apartment to finish up some homework, and just hang out! On the way there, there was a huge snow pile. I had to take a picture.

But look at that snow pile.
But look at that snow pile.

All I wanted to do was to play in it, but I was not properly equipped. Anyways, after I arrived at their apartment, Hannah was making dinner for herself and Divya, and it looked so amazing, and it was DELICIOUS. Want a picture?

Made by Chef Hannah
Made by Chef Hannah

Not only did her food look appetizing, it was very decadent. Anyways, after dinner, and just talking, we ended up watching another movie, End Of Watch. I’m currently in the midst of watching it, so I’m going to leave it here for now. I’ll post more tomorrow, make sure you are on the watch!

Winter Wonderland

It’s so great to be back at Hope, folks! I have settled and moved back into my apartment, and bought my books for the upcoming semester. I only needed 3, but the total was still over $300 with used books, and I even tried looking on Amazon. Oh, the struggles of being a poor college kid. Anyways, as my title suggests, there is so much snow here in Holland. I came a day early to try and beat storm Ion. Yeah, the stinkin’ storm has a name. Luckily, I made it back before the sky started dumping massive amounts of snow. Ok, just look at this radar picture, courtesy of


How is this much snow even possible? Ok, here is what the National Weather Service states: Holland is going to get 2-5 inches of snow tonight, and a possibility of 3-6 inches by tomorrow evening. Not to mention this arctic air we are getting, wind chills will drag the temperature down, and there is going to be so much drifting snow. Yeah, holy cow. Mother nature, way to make an entrance in the new year, you diva.

In the midst of the weather chaos, I took one of my best campus photos ever. And I can’t wait to share it with you. Although winter storm Ion is scary and causes potential danger, look how pretty Hope College is.

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

So if you are going to make your way out tonight, please drive with extreme caution. I want every student to make it back to this campus safe and alive for the new semester. If you are delaying your travels until tomorrow, please still drive with caution because Ion’s winter storm warning doesn’t end until tomorrow night! And, if you are already here, let’s build a snowman!

It’s crazy to think that spring semester is starting in 2 days. Break flew by, but in general, time flies by. Before you know it, it’ll be May and it’ll be time to part again. Best of luck to the students this coming semester, and my excitement continues to grow as time ticks because pretty soon, the Hope College class of 2018 will be here!

Please make sure to follow me here on twitter. And check out my Instagram, @marvsolberg. Stay safe out there, everyone!