The First Snowfall of the Year!

Whether we like it or not, Mother Nature made an appearance to Holland and the greater West Michigan area. The snow is here folks, and it’s here to stay until the spring. People have and will continue to complain about, and some people will obsess over it, but as for myself, I’m in the middle. If snow could be here for a month, I would be totally fine with that, but anything more, it’s just redundant. But let’s be real, the first snowfall of the year is so beautiful and is ALWAYS exciting. Just think of the snowflakes as little blessings falling from the sky!

Here’s a weird phenomenon: many areas in the state don’t even have snow. Lucky them, or lucky us?

Anyways, yes, the first snowfall is pretty, but it can unfortunately have consequences. It’s a recurring pattern every first snowfall that many cars end up in ditches or accidents simply because people are not ready for the conditions winter brings, seeing that the last time snow was on the ground was in March/April. That’s almost half a year! Even though such bad things happen, we can count on two things with snow on the ground: 1) THANKSGIVING and 2) CHRISTMAS! These two holidays are my favorites because they encompass the thing that matters to me most, FAM BAM!

Back to Holland though, when the snow was falling from the sky yesterday night, it produced some pretty gnarly conditions. ALL roads were slick and icy. The road was my personal ice rink and I didn’t even need ice skates! In all honesty, I am excited that the snow is here. It’s part of the reason I love Michigan, we get all 4 seasons! Check out my slideshow below of some awesome pictures of the snow! Until next time!

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