Death by Winter Fantasia

I realize that Winter Fantasia was a week ago, but I wanted to share my awesome experience with you all. Firstly, Winter Fantasia is an event hosted by Student Activities Committee, or SAC for short where people eat and dance in Grand Rapids’ Amway Grand Hotel. It’s great because you get to dress up and […]

In Love With Winter Fantasia

Upon first meeting me, you probably wouldn’t think that I love to dance. Don’t be fooled by my quiet nature and calm attitude, I like to bring it to the dance floor. Which made Winter Fantasia the Night of nights for me. Do you need more reasons to love it? I have them: awesome food, […]

5K For The Kids

Happy Tuesday night, folks! I just want to post about my weekend. It really was mundane, I did a bunch of homework, cleaned my room, did some errands and just relaxed. Sometimes, I wish that there was more time in the weekend. We could all use some more time, right? Anyways, the highlight of my […]