An Outpouring of Life

Hope has an overflow of opportunities for students to get involved on campus. The Student Life office at Hope College continually provides opportunities for students to grow and have fun. Centered at the Bultman Student Center (BSC), the Student Life office at Hope College is an inviting space where individuals can gather. With art on one wall and an open study-zone on the other, the space at Student Life brings visibility and accessibility to all students in the BSC. The space has been designed specifically for you, the student, which is something further unique about Hope.

Student Activities Committee

A facet of Student Life is the Student Activities Committee, also referred to as SAC. SAC puts on an event almost every week or weekend, and of high quality. From movies in partnership with Multicultural Student Organizations (MSO’s), to a full-on Winter Fantasia dance in Grand Rapids – they have the student activities covered. My favorites have been the various smaller events put on during the week – such as CoffeeHouse or Food Trucks in the Pine Grove. If you’re hungry for food, fun or both – SAC events never leave you hanging.

Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon also falls under the umbrella of Student Life. As a three year participant, I can say that while challenging, Dance Marathon provides an opportunity to grow and learn about some of the best people you will meet on this campus. Supporting the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Dance Marathon is a 24-hour long fundraising party complete with bounce houses, music and more. While ‘dancing,’ you are encouraged to reach out to your personal network and raise funds on behalf of the team you are fundraising for – in my case, my fraternity. Historically, we have been able to raise thousands of dollars in just a few hours! You won’t want to miss Dance Marathon at Hope College.

Greek Life

Greek Life is also present at Hope College. With five fraternities and seven sororities, there is a wide range of students that are involved in Greek Life. As part of a fraternity, I have learned a lot about what community means and recognized some my own personal strengths and weaknesses.

Much More

These examples have been a limited sampling of my student experiences with Student Life at Hope College. I encourage you to continue reading about what Hope College has to offer and lean into the things that interest you. Reach out to some groups that you could see yourself in!

Published by Joshua Haddad

Class of 2023 Major(s): Business and Political Science

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