7 Tips: When You Get Sick Three Weeks Into College

You barely know your friends, you’re just getting into a routine with your classes, and now you have a nasty cold. What do you do? As a recent head cold survivor, I have seven tips that can make being sick less awful.

1: Drink orange juice. Don’t be a pansy about it, either. Down that stuff.

2: Throw a pity party. Invite your friends! If you complain about being sick for long enough, someone might bring you soup.

3: Watch Netflix. Nothing is better than wasting away the hours in front of a screen. You’re sick, so you can’t think about important things anyway.

4: Wear a blanket. It’s still pretty hot outside, but it sounds like a nice idea, doesn’t it?

5: Procrastinate on your homework. You’re too young to spend time working when you could just sit there, blowing your nose every few minutes.

6: Drink Emergen-C. It tastes horrible. But you’re sick, so you don’t really care that much. Plus, the stuff actually works.

7: Go back to bed. You were made to stay in bed.

Get well soon!

Danny sneezes.
Danny has the sniffles, so he uses a napkin because Kleenex are scarce.

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