Michigan: Winter / Spring / Winter

Last week, I saw some students were throwing a football in the Pine Grove. It was sunny, the snow had melted, and there was a cool breeze. They were wearing shorts. Today, some guys ran from Durfee to a pile of snow outside of Phelps Dining Hall. It was 20 degrees out. They jumped on their […]

How to Make Your Own Fun

At Hope, there are plenty of great opportunities for students to relax and enjoy life beyond homework. Winter Fantasia (a SAC-sponsored dance), Men’s Night Out and Women’s Night Out (biannual Campus Ministries events) and the Hope-Calvin basketball game occurred either in the past week or will occur this week. Needless to say, college kids can stay […]

Why Go to Church, When I Go to Hope College?

Most students at Hope College grew up going to church with their families. Wake up, eat breakfast, Sunday school, church service, eat family lunch afterwards. We lived a weekly spiritual rhythm during the first 18 years of our lives. Now that we’re away from home, this rhythm changes. We might not go to the same church […]

An Accurate Picture of my Homework Life

We have arrived at the end of the semester. Everyone is anticipating final exams, finishing last minute projects, and cramming for tests. When I sit down to study on the second floor of Martha Miller, I pull out my laptop and lay it on the table. I check my phone. I put it in my […]

Making the Most of Any Break

Thanksgiving break! The last deep breath of the semester, before the last two weeks of school and exams. We go home and spend time with family, relaxing and eating higher amounts of food than normal. We’re on the tail-end of Thanksgiving break, but take heart! We have winter break to look forward to. Sometimes break is […]

Saugatuck Dunes State Park: Hiking in the First Snow of the Year!

The first snow of the year! Along with thirty other students, I climbed into a Hope van and drove to the Saugatuck dunes for a morning snow hike with the Outdoor Adventure Club. The day of the first snow of the year is my favorite day of fall. The flakes come down in chunks, and in Kalamazoo […]

How I Learned About What Happened in Paris

I heard throughout the day on Friday that something happened in Paris. I kept seeing the word “Paris” in group messages and hearing it in conversations as I passed tables in Phelps. I figured something bad had happened. Honestly, I didn’t know if I wanted to hear about it. I was in a friend’s room […]

Arguing Makes for Better Friends

This week is probably the last warm week of the year. 60s and sunny, leaves cover the Pine Grove, and students cover the leaves. I spent all Tuesday afternoon sitting on blankets with friends. We had great conversations and laughed at each other’s jokes. But tension rose when the conversation poked at controversy. I have a […]

Wandering Around in Chicago

I remember loving Chicago as a kid. The towers, the Loop, the pizza. We used to stop for lunch in the city on our way to Wisconsin. I heard about the Student Activities Committee Chicago Trip, and signed up as soon as possible. We spent this past Saturday in the city. We wandered from place to place […]

An ArtPrize Narrative: Part 2

First, read part 1 here.  The hundreds of ceramic plates hung heavily on the wall. I walked slowly around a few other pieces in the room, but kept my eye on the plates. The blue on the plates dragged my sight from the various sculptures in the room. Old men and young art students gathered along the walls and […]