Note To Self

Dear Hope,

It’s hard to believe that our third week of classes has already come to a close. Since the start of term, the hours that once felt like days, now pass in a blink of an eye. As I sit at my desk, with my grubby Cubs hat (aka my thinking cap) perched upon my head, I can’t help but file through my mental list of to-dos. With each new item I am reminded of, I tear off a new piece of paper from my dwindling stack of sticky notes, and feverishly scribble down my thoughts. Aside from accumulating in forgotten crevices of bags, backpacks and pockets, I have little reason to believe these reminders have greatly benefited my productivity. If anything, I think I depend on them most as a way to bring control to the chaos my mind is so frequently consumed by.

Though, if there is one thing I most often need to be reminded of, it is that life is so much gratifying when we focus on what truly matters. As college students, we typically have a narrowed perspective of what is important in life- whether it be fulfilling the academic expectations of our family, let alone ourselves, declaring a suitable major and then landing that perfect job. But, if there is one thing I hope to leave you all with, it would be that our lives are not measured or defined by the amount stress we put upon ourselves, in order to achieve perfection or success. Believe it or not, It’s okay if we don’t always have a correct answer to the questions we are so often expected to know- after all, we are students, and eager to learn. As my dad often reminds me during my own moments of weakness, be the best you can be. Take note to learn what it means to live in the likeness of God. Learn from others, grow in patience and kindness, take risks, and enjoy each and every moment, as there is life to be lived.

Your fellow Hopester, Emily

Thank you Mr. Ben Rector for your timely inspiration #NoteToSelf
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