Creating Quotations, Collecting Memories.

I spent a portion of my Tuesday morning creating a new Quotation Wall for my home, VV3, the third floor of Van Vleck Hall.

The VV3 Quotation Wall 2015-2016
The VV3 Quotation Wall 2015-2016


While it might be true that I could have spent that time doing homework, I concluded that the new Quotation Wall was on the same level of importance to my success as a college student as getting started on my Biology lab analysis was. How might that be you ask? Excellent question! Please read on, inquisitive reader.

Graph created from my own observational conclusions of the benefits of these two factors. Data, analysis, and conclusions not peer reviewed.
Graph created from my own observational conclusions of the benefits of these two factors. Data, analysis, and conclusions not peer reviewed.


Data collected on the completion of Biology Lab Analyses concluded that the process and product were beneficial to the learning process, academic achievement satisfaction, and grade earned of the student. The completion of Analyses ensured that the student solidified understanding of concepts, improved their critical thinking processes, and built a reliable resource of information to review for studying purposes as the information is organized effectively and analyzed thoroughly.

Data collected from last year’s Quotation Wall experiment concluded that the creation of quotations with fellow VV3 residents who grew to become friends was a beneficial impact on the residents’ well being. The creation of quotations coincided with the collection of memories, the strengthening of relationships, and provided a resource for future comic relief when needed as the Quotation Wall was prominently displayed and easily accessible to all.


The benefits of both the Biology Analyses and Quotation Wall are important to the success of a college student in the academic and personal sectors respectively. The impact of the Biology Analyses is anticipated with moderate enthusiasm as the year continues, but that in no way minimizes the positive impact of this factor. The impact of the Quotation Wall is enthusiastically anticipated as the year continues on and the new residents of VV3 2015 develop friendships filled with encouragement, laughter, and quotable moments.


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