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Hey all! About last week, my fellow blogger and friend Leslie Kempers and I collaborated and wrote a blog on our adventures during the Vienna Summer School! If you want to read it (which I suggest you do!) here is the link! CLICK HERE!! The program has two sessions, May Term and June Term. Leslie was there for just the May Term, but I was there for both! So what I’m going to do is split it up into a two-part series, Euroadventure 1, 2, & 3! Here is the first part! I hope you enjoy it!


After the May Term session ended, students staying for both sessions had a free weekend. So, what do you do in Europe with a free weekend? TRAVEL. My best bud Joey and myself had planned a trip to Rome for that free weekend in MARCH. Crazy to think we planned that far ahead! But, another companion joined us for an adventure of a lifetime, our very own MEG! So, the day after everyone flew back home, we headed to the airport and were ROMA bound. What a crazy long day it was. After the arriving at Fiumicino Airport in Rome, we took a lengthy bus ride to the Roma Termini station where we got on the line A metro to our “hotel.” I put hotel in quotes because it really was a camping village of sorts, but it was SO COOL! We had our own bungalow, with a fully functioning bathroom and beds. It was neat! After arriving, it was very late, so we just crashed.

We woke up early because we knew it would be a long long day. After getting ready, it was time to explore Rome. This day was perfect weather. The weather was supposed to be awful with thunderstorms, but it worked out in our favor. We literally visited as many monuments and landmarks as possible. Here is a list of what we did/saw!

  • Coliseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill
  • Spanish Steps
  • Piazza Navona
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Vatican City

After our long day, we headed back to our bungalow to just debrief on our day and our adventures, and just hung out which was so fun. The best thing about our adventures was that we didn’t do everything in a particular order. If anything, we LITERALLY meandered the city and ended up at these places. We headed to bed after our long day because our trip back to Vienna was extensive. We took a taxi to Ciampino Airport (Rome’s Regional Airport) and flew to Bratislava, Slovakia. From there, we took a train to Vienna.

If you ever get the chance to go to Rome, do it. There is just so much history and culture to learn. Oh, and the pasta and food are out of this world. Here are some of our pictures from our trip. Look forward for the next part of the series coming soon! Thanks for reading!

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