Is It Fall Yet?

While I love going to the State Park and enjoying Holland when it’s nice and summer-y out, nothing beats Holland in the fall. There are so many trees in Centennial Park that daily walks become a must, and cider and donuts from Crane’s is one of the best excuses to take a break from studying, too. Oh, don’t forget that Lemonjello’s brings back Caramel Cider and Chi-Cider in the Fall.

Fall Break seems like it’s too soon in the year when you start at Hope, but by the time it rolls around there’s nothing to be more thankful for. It’s also right around that time that you really get into the swing of things, and you learn how to knock out your homework on a Sunday instead of taking all week to read one chapter.

My only complaint about fall in Holland is that it usually starts too late and it usually ends too early. Before you know it, the leaves are all on the ground and you’ll see the first snow flake of the year.

Being a Senior, this is the last fall that I’ll spend in Holland. Now that I know exactly what I have the time to accomplish, I’m pretty confident it’ll be the best one yet.

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