An ArtPrize Narrative: Part 1

I walked out of the parking garage onto a sad stretch of wet concrete. Welcome to downtown Grand Rapids. ArtPrize is a three week event, and we picked the nastiest day. I searched for art. A giant metal dragon, a Rube Goldberg machine and a confession booth sat in the courtyard in front of the county […]

Nykerk from a New Morale Guy’s Perspective

The Nykerk Cup. Song, play, oration. As guys, we morale the girls, who perform. I’m a play moraler. Play moralers build the set, buy the girls flowers and candy, and do funny skits to keep them happy after rehearsal. Does it sound awesome? Nykerk proved its awesomeness at the rally on Monday. All the odd and even year […]

The Facade of the First Few Weeks

The first few days of college are strange, but the following three weeks are the strangest. I made a lot of friends when I moved in, but that’s not the hard part. The hard part is the pretense that comes with being in a new environment. Everyone just moved in, and everyone wants to meet […]

7 Tips: When You Get Sick Three Weeks Into College

You barely know your friends, you’re just getting into a routine with your classes, and now you have a nasty cold. What do you do? As a recent head cold survivor, I have seven tips that can make being sick less awful. 1: Drink orange juice. Don’t be a pansy about it, either. Down that […]