How I Learned About What Happened in Paris

Peace for Paris
Peace for Paris

I heard throughout the day on Friday that something happened in Paris. I kept seeing the word “Paris” in group messages and hearing it in conversations as I passed tables in Phelps.

I figured something bad had happened. Honestly, I didn’t know if I wanted to hear about it.

I was in a friend’s room last night when we had a discussion about Paris. What’s happening? Should we check Twitter? Why is everyone saying “Pray for Paris?”

Eventually, someone googled the phrase, “what’s happening in Paris.”

A terrorist bombing.

I was too struck to be emotionally affected. I knew that people had died. Maybe I was desensitized.

We drove to McDonald’s and after we sat down with our food we saw the the number on the news. 153 killed in a soccer stadium. In one moment, I realized my smallness compared to all of humanity. I sat in a chair sipping my milkshake, and felt a hint of the emotional weight of 153 deaths.

As I write, the count is down to 129 deaths. 352 people were injured, with 99 seriously injured. Apparently, ISIS is responsible.

Today, the day after, Paris is a hot topic of conversation. But the murder of 129 people in Paris yesterday actually happened. While there is little we can do to help, maybe the most important thing is to stand in solidarity, to take a moment to allow ourselves to feel grief and mourn the loss of so many.

Only today, the day after, did I start to feel heavy with sadness for the people of Paris.

May peace go to Paris.

Read more about the attack here.

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