Making the Most of Any Break

Thanksgiving break! The last deep breath of the semester, before the last two weeks of school and exams. We go home and spend time with family, relaxing and eating higher amounts of food than normal. We’re on the tail-end of Thanksgiving break, but take heart! We have winter break to look forward to.

Hayley visited me for the tree lighting ceremony.
My sister took an early break to visit me! We experienced the tree lighting ceremony together on Monday.

Sometimes break is awesome! Or, sometimes we sit around the house, looking for things to do BESIDES homework. Instead of picking our noses, here are some simple, relaxing ideas for enjoying the break.

  1. Grab coffee! Find an old friend, someone you need to catch up with, and enjoy a latte together. Share your experiences over the past few months, and ask about theirs!
  2. Make something! What better way to relax than sitting in a comfy chair with a pencil and paper? No one is an artistic genius, but whether you like to paint, draw, write, play an instrument or whistle, doing something creative enriches your life, and you don’t always have time for it during school.

    Asylum Lake is beautiful.
    Nothing is better than a hike around Asylum Lake!
  3. Go outside! Whether you live near the woods, the ski hill, or the park, make sure to get out in nature during break. Life exists outside of your house! Remind yourself of the beauty of creation.
  4. Sleep in! You gotta treat yourself, since you only have so much time until 8:30 a.m. classes pick up again. Stay up late, sleep in until lunchtime. It’s the college way.
  5. Play games! Especially conversational games like Apples to Apples, Awkward Family Photos, and Cards Against Humanity. Grab the people around you and a box of your favorite cards, and get to laughing. Let your guard down and enjoy each other.

Here’s to a great break!

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