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Last week, I saw some students were throwing a football in the Pine Grove. It was sunny, the snow had melted, and there was a cool breeze. They were wearing shorts.

Columbia is full of snow.
Columbia is basically just snow right now.

Today, some guys ran from Durfee to a pile of snow outside of Phelps Dining Hall. It was 20 degrees out. They jumped on their backs and quickly got up, squealing. They were only wearing shorts.

streetlight + tree
It’s really cold outside. I took this picture as fast as possible.

Such is life in Holland, Michigan. For those out of state who may be unfamiliar, Michigan gets the best of every type of weather, multiple times a year. The weather is unpredictable.

It started snowing last night, and it’s supposed to snow until Saturday. Holland is experiencing a genuine blizzard.

At first, everyone loves the snow! If you read a recent post of mine, you’ll know that I love a good hike in the winter. But in day-to-day life, it’s hard to walk around campus when you forget to wear boots. My Adidas are getting pretty nasty.

We love the beauty of the snow, but we don’t love the practical reality of snow. There is a metaphor in there somewhere. We love dreams, ideas, the future, etc., but the day to day grind tests us.

Love the snow. Love wet socks. Love Michigan.

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