An Accurate Picture of my Homework Life

We have arrived at the end of the semester. Everyone is anticipating final exams, finishing last minute projects, and cramming for tests.

This is where I do homework.
When in doubt, get a table to yourself and just get it done.

When I sit down to study on the second floor of Martha Miller, I pull out my laptop and lay it on the table. I check my phone. I put it in my backpack. I sigh, and I pull out a folder and a notebook. I pull up Moodle (Hope’s course management system) on my browser. I check my assignments. I pull out a book from my backpack, one that has yellow pages and recently divorced with the original cover. I read and take notes. My knee bounces with anxious frustration. This is class is the worst. I type a short written assignment.

I submit my assignment. I pull out my phone. I put my phone away. I slouch in my chair and stare off into space. Five minutes later, I get out a different folder and notebook. I start again. I eventually realize that I haven’t made any progress in half an hour. I pack up, lift my backpack to my shoulder, walk downstairs, and leave the building.

The rotunda is a good place to study.
Dedicated students devoting their Saturday afternoon to homework.

Maybe I’ll study better with some coffee. I head to Lemonjello’s, the local coffee shop, and order a dark roast. I see a friend or two, and talk to them for, Oh, look! An hour has gone by. I walk away. from their table and start to realize the weight of the deadline in front of me. I pull out another book.

Now it’s dinner time. I have almost everything done. After dinner I play video games with friends.

Oh no. I just remembered I have a paper due tomorrow. It’s 11 p.m. I stay up late, finishing it. I get four hours of sleep. I wake up ten minutes before class. In the elevator, I see an email from my professor. Class has been cancelled. I take the elevator back upstairs, drop my backpack next to my bed, and fall asleep in my clothes.

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