Tradition… Hope’s got them ALL.

Hey Everyone,

So as you all know, The Pull was this past weekend, and yes, Even Year were the winners! This is one of the many, many cool things about Hope College. Sure you may think the people who do the pull are crazy, 3 hard weeks of grueling training, with little time to do anything besides pull on a rope. I will tell you though, when you watch it, you see how much passion and heart goes into this tradition. It’s not just a tug of war. It is not just a dumb college tradition. This is the longest college tradition in the United States. This is history.

Hope College not only has the Pull, but it has Nykerk as well which is another record-breaking tradition. This just proves that there is a lot of history to this place we call Hope College. As an RA, I not only wanted to support my year’s Pull team, but I watched my freshman residents put their time into the Pull, not just their first semester of college, but in the first half of their first semester. They blindly came in and put so much time, effort, and heart into the Pull. So of course, the least I could do was go watch and support them. It was amazing the turnout of families, friends, and alumni that show up for the Pull.



I am saying all of this to show you that Hope is a place where many people have called home, it is a place where many graduates still come back to in order to support the things they once called their own. Hope College is a place people call home in their hearts for the rest of their lives. Sure they may not live there after they graduate, but they will always be a Flying Dutchmen, and nothing can ever change that.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

It’s Always Good To Have a Hobby!

Hey Everyone,

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Today I’m writing about the stresses and worries that come with the college life. They are very real and can be very troublesome. If you don’t mind I would love to give you all a little advice.

  1. Find something you love to do and in your spare time, do it!
  2. Pick a hobby that is low stress and hassle in itself.
  3. Make it meaningful to yourself. Maybe from memories or new memories you want to have.

This can be a huge factor in how well you handle your stress. I have been fairly stressed this year with all of the extra obligations I have besides school work. I have a few different hobbies or activities I really enjoy doing to take my mind off of things. Ill give you some examples;

  1. I really enjoy a good Netflix session on the futon.
  2. Hammocking can melt your worries away.
  3. Spending time with a loved one. (family, significant other, etc.)
  4. Music is a huge stress reliever.

I actually just started a new hobby this week. Some of my friends have record players and collect vinyls. I have been intrigued by it and have invested in a turntable and a few vinyls to start myself off. I’m very excited about this, which also takes my mind off of stress.


Since we are broke in college, purchasing things can be stressful. A great way to start a hobby that involves a cost, with minimum stress, would be to ask for it as a birthday present. This gets you started and you can slowly build your collection over time.

Remember to do things you love!

Thanks for reading, have a great week everyone. Remember to relax and take time for yourself!

How Much Your RA’s Do For You..

Hey Everyone,

This year I am an RA(resident assistance) in Kollen Hall on the first floor. I never realized how much the RA’s go through for the residents in their hall. During this week of training, we go through multiple different safety, psychological, and physical lessons on how to handle situations in order to keep a Residence Hall safe. We have training from 9-6 everyday for the week, but we have lots of hallway work that we do during the nights and are busy until 10 pm most nights. This was one of the most grueling weeks I have had in a training situation. We get to have some fun with our co-workers as well though! Don’t get me wrong!


I really have a new appreciation for my RA’s of last year. We really do care about our residents. We want to make it the best year possible for them. Hopefully everyone is enjoying getting to know their RA. We really are here to help, serve, and care about you. I can guarantee you that if you are concerned about fitting in or being involved with activities, your RA can help you, or at least point you in the right direction.

Although RA training week was a lot to handle and learn, the staff here at hope college really works hard to show us that they care about us RA’s as well and that we are valued employees. They even throw a celebration dinner for us at the end of training week.


Being an RA, so far, has been a busy, yet wonderful experience!

Thanks for reading, I hope you are all having a great week!

Jesse Heerdt

Hammocking and Longboarding are Life

Hey Everyone,

I have a little advice for you all. Probably one of the best investments you can make for college is to get a hammock. One of the best things about Hope College is the outdoor life that you can have. Hammocks come into play on those nice sunny days where you just want to relax, but you don’t want to sit inside. It is a great way to just hang out with friends and do homework as well.

Literally I have gone hammocking 3 days in a row. It is also a great way to get some rest. Hey if you are hungry you can even have pizza delivered right to your hammock. Just find a near by building, order it to that building, and put that you are hammocking outside of the building in the delivery instructions and they will drop it off you to.

FullSizeRenderAnother purchase I would advise is to get a longboard. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just enough to ride and get from place to place with friends. It is just a great way of transportation and after a long day of class there is nothing better than going on a long longboard ride with some friends to wind down.

Hopefully you all having a great last couple months of high school!

Thanks for reading!

Jesse Heerdt

The Pine Grove is Alive Again…

Hey Everyone,

You know the weather is good when the Pine Grove is so packed that you can’t even set your hammock up!

The Pine Grove is just one of the many awesome things about Hope College. A lot of campuses don’t have a perk like this. It’s an open space where you can play spike ball, frisbee, KanJam, hammock, throw a ball, or just relax and do some homework. It’s a great place to just spend time with friends.


Some other things students enjoy about the Pine Grove:

Dane Peterson – “It’s a great community place. I always can walk in the Pine Grove and find some of my friends just chilling.”

Briana Bailey – “My favorite thing is the community, but I also love all the tress.”

Tyler Melby – “I love hammocking in the Pine Grove, you can just fall asleep.”

You could ask anyone and they will say it’s such a great place to hang out with friends. These are just a few people I interviewed.

Hopefully you all are having a great last semester in high school! Hope to see you here for admitted students day and next fall!

Thanks for reading!
Jesse Heerdt

The Best Two Jobs on Campus

Hey Everyone,

I would like to give you all a little advice when you come on campus and begin looking for an on-campus job. I currently have the privilege of working for the best two positions on campus.

1. Student Blogger

  • This job is great, you can sit in your bed, on your futon, or anywhere on campus for that matter and work.
  • The hours are whenever you have time to work as long as you are consistently contributing and sharing your experiences.
  • You will have some of the best co-workers and bosses on campus!
  • This job allows you to share your experiences with all the incoming freshman and prospective students just wondering what life on campus is all about.

2. Overnight Host

  • This second job I would say is tied with the first. You get to have students who are interested in Hope staying with you and spending time with you and your friends allowing them to see how great of an experience you are having at Hope.
  • The hours usually are on the weekends just for one night and usually you just get to spend time with your friends involving your prospective student in the activities.
  • It as well is a very convenient job to have with much flexibility in scheduling in order to not allow the stress of a job to overwhelm you at school.

Honestly guys, this has to be two of the best jobs at Hope.
I look forward to seeing you all on campus next year.

Hopefully you had a great week, thanks for reading!

Jesse Heerdt

Hope College… or Winter Wonderland?

Hey Everyone,

If you have ever wondered what the most beautiful campus is, it has to be Hope College. This place looks like it is straight of a fairy tale in the winter. It really looks like an enchanted Winter Wonderland. You cannot feel more at peace than when you are walking through the Pine Grove right after a fresh snow. Night walks during the large snow falls are also a blast! Nothing beats a doughnut run while it is snowing the large fluttering snowflakes.


But really though, Hope College has an amazing campus. Its small enough that your friends are close, but large enough that you know you are at college and that you are not going to know everyone. I still see people throughout the day that I haven’t ever seen before. Also, we all know winter can get old, but think about it, there is something peaceful about a fresh snow where everything is perfectly covered and smooth. It is just refreshing.


The warm weather will be back soon enough! It is a good thing for us to be thankful for the beauty God has given us during different seasons of the year.

Thanks for reading, I hope you are all having a great week!

Jesse Heerdt

Community Living… Not So Bad After All!

So many of you are probably thinking, Hmmm… community bathrooms do not sound fun at all. I was definitely in your boat before I got here at Hope. I mean, everyone wants their privacy when using the bathroom, we all know that, but honestly your gonna have to be open to the community bathroom living. It is fairly unavoidable, but I think that is a good thing.


The community bathroom provides an area and a time where you end up having some great talks with people. I mean realistically what else are you going to do when you are shaving for 10 minutes. Just stare at your face in the mirror? Why not just talk with some friends and get to know them better as they are shaving as well.

If you are worried about not being comfortable in the community bathroom, here is a hint for you. Pick a favorite stall, urinal, and shower. This provides some individuality for you. Sure someone else might have the same stall, urinal, or shower, but then again, it is a community bathroom. You probably aren’t going to have all that stuff as yours and only yours, but this at least creates a homey feeling for you. It is a consistent familiar thing in your life. Then using the community bathroom can be a little more comfortable.

Honestly, community bathrooms are not at all as bad as they are cracked up to be. I really do enjoy the conversations I have with people when getting ready for bed. You will just have to experience the community bathrooms for yourself!

Hope you all figure out how to be comfortable at college!
Thanks for reading,

Ski Trip To Crystal Mountain

Hey Everyone,

This past weekend I went on a trip up north to a ski resort called Crystal Mountain. I went with my two good friends Tom and Murray. It was a blast! It was a huge blessing from Tom’s very generous parents to invite us to their cottage. This was a great way to refresh ourselves to get back in the mindset to work hard in school. When you have weeks stacked on each other of endless academics, we all know it can get difficult. This was a great way for us to just focus on having fun and relaxing.

The biggest blessings here at Hope College are not only the opportunities Hope has in faith, but there are huge opportunities in relationships. We had a blast this weekend. Being able to spend time with your best friends and take a little road trip is one of my favorite things about college. Your friends are really what makes your time fun or not, obviously you have to be in the right mindset, but friends effect almost every aspect of your lives, but honestly Hope College has an endless amount of amazing people to become friends with and to spend time with. I have never been at a place in life where I am surrounded by the most amazing people.

I got back from skiing and got to go to the Gathering with some of my other great friends! Following the gathering we took a little homework break and then went to a worship session where we had the opportunity to pray, worship, and talk with our close friends. I got to witness some amazing works of God at this worship session as well. Overall this weekend would rank pretty high up on the list!

Here is my friend Murray getting ready to hit the slopes!


Oh and not to mention I was surprised by my sister and brother-in-law, who decided to show up at Crystal Mountain to see me and do some skiing themselves!


All in all I had a wonderful weekend. I hope you all did as well.

Thanks for reading!
Jesse Heerdt

The Start of a New Semester, New Challenges, and a New Year

Hey Everyone,

I hope all of your breaks were wonderful. We have one week of our new semester down and it is looking like it will be bringing all new challenges. Change of major, higher-level classes, starting another job as an overnight host, and the opportunity to meet new people in new classes. Although there may be challenges, there are also some great things coming back. Seeing all the people you care and enjoy spending time with is awesome! Your hallway becomes your family. They will be there for you and be the ones you get to spend a lot of your day with. It helps when you have such great people in your hall. I am very excited for this new semester, new experiences with friends, and new opportunities.


Yesterday I got to have a great time at the Hope vs Calvin mens basketball game, even though it came with a disappointing loss. However, I got to cap the night off with the Gungor concert and a donut run with friends. I cannot tell you guys enough how blessed you will be by the people around you here at Hope College. The people and community are what make this place so amazing, on top of all the wonderful academics, great athletics, fantastic faith opportunities, and beautiful campus.

Hopefully all of you are enjoying being back as school as much as I am!
Thanks for reading!

Jesse Heerdt