Tradition… Hope’s got them ALL.

Hey Everyone, So as you all know, The Pull was this past weekend, and yes, Even Year were the winners! This is one of the many, many cool things about Hope College. Sure you may think the people who do the pull are crazy, 3 hard weeks of grueling training, with little time to do […]

It’s Always Good To Have a Hobby!

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Today I’m writing about the stresses and worries that come with the college life. They are very real and can be very troublesome. If you don’t mind I would love to give you all a little advice. Find something you love to do and […]

How Much Your RA’s Do For You..

Hey Everyone, This year I am an RA(resident assistance) in Kollen Hall on the first floor. I never realized how much the RA’s go through for the residents in their hall. During this week of training, we go through multiple different safety, psychological, and physical lessons on how to handle situations in order to keep […]

Hope College… or Winter Wonderland?

Hey Everyone, If you have ever wondered what the most beautiful campus is, it has to be Hope College. This place looks like it is straight of a fairy tale in the winter. It really looks like an enchanted Winter Wonderland. You cannot feel more at peace than when you are walking through the Pine […]

Community Living… Not So Bad After All!

So many of you are probably thinking, Hmmm… community bathrooms do not sound fun at all. I was definitely in your boat before I got here at Hope. I mean, everyone wants their privacy when using the bathroom, we all know that, but honestly your gonna have to be open to the community bathroom living. […]

The Start of a New Semester, New Challenges, and a New Year

Hey Everyone, I hope all of your breaks were wonderful. We have one week of our new semester down and it is looking like it will be bringing all new challenges. Change of major, higher-level classes, starting another job as an overnight host, and the opportunity to meet new people in new classes. Although there […]