How Much Your RA’s Do For You..

Hey Everyone,

This year I am an RA(resident assistance) in Kollen Hall on the first floor. I never realized how much the RA’s go through for the residents in their hall. During this week of training, we go through multiple different safety, psychological, and physical lessons on how to handle situations in order to keep a Residence Hall safe. We have training from 9-6 everyday for the week, but we have lots of hallway work that we do during the nights and are busy until 10 pm most nights. This was one of the most grueling weeks I have had in a training situation. We get to have some fun with our co-workers as well though! Don’t get me wrong!


I really have a new appreciation for my RA’s of last year. We really do care about our residents. We want to make it the best year possible for them. Hopefully everyone is enjoying getting to know their RA. We really are here to help, serve, and care about you. I can guarantee you that if you are concerned about fitting in or being involved with activities, your RA can help you, or at least point you in the right direction.

Although RA training week was a lot to handle and learn, the staff here at hope college really works hard to show us that they care about us RA’s as well and that we are valued employees. They even throw a celebration dinner for us at the end of training week.


Being an RA, so far, has been a busy, yet wonderful experience!

Thanks for reading, I hope you are all having a great week!

Jesse Heerdt

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I am a transfer here at Hope College, I am studying Psychology and am really enjoying my time here! I was born in Holland, MI, but grew up up north in Traverse City, MI. My parents have moved back down to Holland which is where I call home now! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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