Roommates.. They are Always There

Hey Everyone, Another stressful week of exams has gone by, snow is slowly building up on the ground and we finally have a chance to sit back and catch our breath with the eagerness that awaits in the coming week. While you catch your breath, take a second to really appreciate your roommate because at […]

Fall Break is Done, but more Treasures Await!

Hey everyone! Fall Break was a blast. It was great to be able to sit down and relax, see family, and rest up and get ready for the second half of the semester. Some of the coolest things at Hope college are the possibilities to experience new life adventures. The churches in the area love […]

The Opportunities Holland Provides

Hey Everyone, This weekend I got to see my family and run my first half marathon. The half marathon was called the Park2Park. It was put on by Holland Hospital. Holland is a beautiful city, with multiple sites to see. This half marathon took you on a run throughout some of the most beautiful and […]

Time Management

Hey Everyone, Another week has gone by, exams have been taken, activities have been done, and another week lies ahead. I cannot wait to get this week started! Yes, schooling is difficult, challenging, and time consuming, but it is possible to have free time to hang out with friends. Not only is it possible, I […]