Community Living… Not So Bad After All!

So many of you are probably thinking, Hmmm… community bathrooms do not sound fun at all. I was definitely in your boat before I got here at Hope. I mean, everyone wants their privacy when using the bathroom, we all know that, but honestly your gonna have to be open to the community bathroom living. It is fairly unavoidable, but I think that is a good thing.


The community bathroom provides an area and a time where you end up having some great talks with people. I mean realistically what else are you going to do when you are shaving for 10 minutes. Just stare at your face in the mirror? Why not just talk with some friends and get to know them better as they are shaving as well.

If you are worried about not being comfortable in the community bathroom, here is a hint for you. Pick a favorite stall, urinal, and shower. This provides some individuality for you. Sure someone else might have the same stall, urinal, or shower, but then again, it is a community bathroom. You probably aren’t going to have all that stuff as yours and only yours, but this at least creates a homey feeling for you. It is a consistent familiar thing in your life. Then using the community bathroom can be a little more comfortable.

Honestly, community bathrooms are not at all as bad as they are cracked up to be. I really do enjoy the conversations I have with people when getting ready for bed. You will just have to experience the community bathrooms for yourself!

Hope you all figure out how to be comfortable at college!
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Published by Jesse Heerdt

I am a transfer here at Hope College, I am studying Psychology and am really enjoying my time here! I was born in Holland, MI, but grew up up north in Traverse City, MI. My parents have moved back down to Holland which is where I call home now! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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