The Best Two Jobs on Campus

Hey Everyone,

I would like to give you all a little advice when you come on campus and begin looking for an on-campus job. I currently have the privilege of working for the best two positions on campus.

1. Student Blogger

  • This job is great, you can sit in your bed, on your futon, or anywhere on campus for that matter and work.
  • The hours are whenever you have time to work as long as you are consistently contributing and sharing your experiences.
  • You will have some of the best co-workers and bosses on campus!
  • This job allows you to share your experiences with all the incoming freshman and prospective students just wondering what life on campus is all about.

2. Overnight Host

  • This second job I would say is tied with the first. You get to have students who are interested in Hope staying with you and spending time with you and your friends allowing them to see how great of an experience you are having at Hope.
  • The hours usually are on the weekends just for one night and usually you just get to spend time with your friends involving your prospective student in the activities.
  • It as well is a very convenient job to have with much flexibility in scheduling in order to not allow the stress of a job to overwhelm you at school.

Honestly guys, this has to be two of the best jobs at Hope.
I look forward to seeing you all on campus next year.

Hopefully you had a great week, thanks for reading!

Jesse Heerdt

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I am a transfer here at Hope College, I am studying Psychology and am really enjoying my time here! I was born in Holland, MI, but grew up up north in Traverse City, MI. My parents have moved back down to Holland which is where I call home now! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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