Tradition… Hope’s got them ALL.

Hey Everyone,

So as you all know, The Pull was this past weekend, and yes, Even Year were the winners! This is one of the many, many cool things about Hope College. Sure you may think the people who do the pull are crazy, 3 hard weeks of grueling training, with little time to do anything besides pull on a rope. I will tell you though, when you watch it, you see how much passion and heart goes into this tradition. It’s not just a tug of war. It is not just a dumb college tradition. This is the longest college tradition in the United States. This is history.

Hope College not only has the Pull, but it has Nykerk as well which is another record-breaking tradition. This just proves that there is a lot of history to this place we call Hope College. As an RA, I not only wanted to support my year’s Pull team, but I watched my freshman residents put their time into the Pull, not just their first semester of college, but in the first half of their first semester. They blindly came in and put so much time, effort, and heart into the Pull. So of course, the least I could do was go watch and support them. It was amazing the turnout of families, friends, and alumni that show up for the Pull.



I am saying all of this to show you that Hope is a place where many people have called home, it is a place where many graduates still come back to in order to support the things they once called their own. Hope College is a place people call home in their hearts for the rest of their lives. Sure they may not live there after they graduate, but they will always be a Flying Dutchmen, and nothing can ever change that.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Published by Jesse Heerdt

I am a transfer here at Hope College, I am studying Psychology and am really enjoying my time here! I was born in Holland, MI, but grew up up north in Traverse City, MI. My parents have moved back down to Holland which is where I call home now! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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