What is Web Content Governance anyway?

Content Governance (how we support, maintain, and manage the website) can be a confusing topic. No fear, it is our goal introduce this topic to the campus community and leverage it to help us build a sustainable website.

In order to do this, we’re looking at roles, processes, and workflows to begin mapping out what effective content governance looks like in the context of Hope College.

A tool we’re also working on to supplement these efforts is a Web Content Guideline document. This document will highlight:

  • Brand, voice, and tone
  • Content strategy
  • Tips for writing for the web
  • Style and grammar
  • and more!

We’re also preparing a department checklist which will offer specific items departments can do to prepare for the coming redesign.

It is our hope through conversations, training, workshops, and documentation that the campus community will feel well equipped to use the technical tools and create content for a great web experience on hope.edu!

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