Site map and selecting pages for strategy & design

Along with Mighty, we’ve been working hard to craft a new site-map for all of A site-map is a list of all of the pages in a website, typically organized in hierarchical fashion. This is an important step, as it will help us better understand how all of our content will be structured and relate to each other.

We’re looking at various levels of top-level navigation: primary (main site), secondary, tertiary (audience-specific), as well as dashboards to help us best organize this content.

We’ve started building out what some of the department specific site maps will look like as well – and we’re meeting with some groups to get their feedback on this (including academic departments).

Selecting how many and what kind of page types we’ll need for strategy and design is also in the works. We’re currently evaluating the ideal number of unique pages/templates/designs required to successfully build a new

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