Web Advisory Group

Today we welcomed the first gathering of our newly formed Web Advisory Group! This team is an ad hoc group primarily responsible for reviewing information and plans pertaining to the Web, new initiatives and strategies, and suggestions for changes and improvements to Hope Websites. The Web Advisory Group is composed of a broad representation from all areas of campus and meets monthly and/or as needed.

The group will advise the Web Team on matters relating to functionality, site structure, navigation, design, and content. The group will also work to improve communication and cooperation among the various departments at Hope with web related responsibilities.

We’re excited to welcome this group to our website redesign effort!

Team members  include:
Sarah Baar, English
Scott Travis, Alumni & Parent Relations
Aaron Best, Biology
Rebecca Johnson, Communication
Pablo Peschiera, English/VWS
Ernesto Villarreal, Multicultural Education
Chris Bohle, Student Life
Theresa Bravata, Events & Conferences
Lindsey Engelsman, Athletics/Kineseology
Brianne Hagen, Libraries
Carol De Jong, Registrar
Sarah Gottschlich, Registrar
Alfredo Gonzales, International & Multicultural Education
Ryan McFall, Computer Science
Tom Bylmsa, CFO
Leo Herzog, CIT
Aaron Goodyke, Student
Joseph Carty, Student
Amy Van Dommelen, Student
Anne Brown, Student

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