Web design partner selected

The Web Team has been hard at work for many months searching for the right partner to come alongside us for the website redesign project. We began by writing a Request for Information, which we sent to about a dozen design firms, both local and non-local. After reviewing all of the responses, we narrowed our search down to our top two choices who we brought to campus to meet with in person. As a result of that process, one group has stood out as an excellent choice for our needs.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Mighty. They are a local firm based in Grand Rapids, and although they are smaller (10 staff members) their focus is solely on the web. We were extremely impressed by their thoughtful approach to web content strategy and design, as well as their top notch client list and portfolio.

We’ll soon have the details finalized with our agreement with Mighty and will be kicking off the project with them in the near future!

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