I Was a FAN of Winter Fantasia!

Hello readers! Hopefully you’ve all had a great Thursday and are ready for the weekend to come! As I look back on last weekend and all the fun had at Winter Fantasia, I can’t help but want to go back! If you know anything about me, I may be a quiet person, but when it comes […]

Last Winter Fantasia at Hope

This past weekend was one of the highlights of the year for Hope students! That’s right, it was Winter Fantasia! Each year, the SAC committee puts on this dance at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids and features fun activities like dancing, delicious food and a photo booth. Even if you aren’t into […]

In Love With Winter Fantasia

Upon first meeting me, you probably wouldn’t think that I love to dance. Don’t be fooled by my quiet nature and calm attitude, I like to bring it to the dance floor. Which made Winter Fantasia the Night of nights for me. Do you need more reasons to love it? I have them: awesome food, […]