33 Things I’ve Learned From Studying Abroad

Hi everyone! I wanted to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained this semester with you, so I created this lovely list. Some of these things apply to France, Europe, or studying abroad in general. Enjoy! 1. If I talk really fast and add the word/sound “ba” occasionally in my phrases I can almost sound […]

My Experience at Paris Fashion Week

If you read my last post, or if you follow me on Twitter or have talked to me in some other capacity, then you probably know that during my vacation last week I went to Paris. My four days in the City of Lights coincided very purposefully with one the biggest events in the fashion […]

American University vs. French University

Hello dear readers! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the last couple of weeks. Contrary to what you may think of study abroad, I am not on a four-month vacation. I take classes at the IES program center and also at the local university here in Nantes. At the IES center, I am taking classes of […]

An Open Letter to My Host Family

Dear host family (or famille d’accueil as the French say), Can you believe it has almost been a month since I started living with you?! It seems like just yesterday IES sent me the email I had be not-so-patiently waiting for, telling me that you would be my host family. From that email, I knew […]

A Weekend in Paris

I went to Paris last weekend, and it was kind of awesome. All my life I’ve heard that Paris a majestic, beautiful paradise, and I can now confirm this to be true. The “City of Lights” really is all its hyped up to be, and more. Unfortunately, I only went for the weekend and was […]

France vs. America

Despite the fact that I have been in Nantes for only a few weeks, I have already noticed lots of differences between the French and American cultures! Here are some of ones that interest me the most: French people finish their food I’m not sure exactly why Americans don’t do this, but it is a […]

My first full week in France!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t written since my arrival! I have been so busy getting used to my new daily life and schedule. Last weekend, only a day after my arrival in France, I went to Tours for an orientation weekend. I spent Friday night exploring the downtown area with some friends. We went on […]

Just Arrived in France!!

Hi everyone!! This is my first of many blog posts from Nantes, France this semester! The last two days have been INSANE! I’m so happy to finally be here! If you follow my Twitter account, then on Tuesday you saw the drama that was my flight schedule. Early that day, my first flight from Des […]

I’m Going to France!!!

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been MIA the last couple of weeks. My life has been crazy with classes, extracurriculars, and getting ready to go abroad. That’s right! Next semester I will be in Nantes, France!!! Nantes is about two and a half hours away from Paris by train, and is the 6th largest city […]

Thinking of Studying Abroad?

Transitioning from last week’s short week due to Fall Break to a full week again is proving to be a lot more difficult than imagined. With the mindset of being stress-free no longer applicable, the second round of tests are approaching. Even on top of that, people wanting to study abroad next year or this […]