How Do You Make Summer Internship a Reality as an International Student at Hope College?

Internships are part of the college experience for many students. A lot of students do not start to think about it until later in their college careers, so it is unique for me, since I am only a freshman. At least that’s what the Career Development Center said when entered their office in October 2015. Nevertheless, here is what […]

What Is the Best Way for Men to Dress for a College Interview and Visit?

We all know this saying. Never judge a book based on its cover. In regards of life, it is a good motto, but if we are talking about a formal event like the college interview or visit, students should dress appropriately. The key is appropriately. The definition by states:  suitable or fitting for a […]

What Are Good and Bad Questions to Ask During the Campus College Visit?

People say that there are no bad questions – which can be true in the classroom – but during a college visit it is not exactly like truth. Let me give you an example. Below is a easy accessible screenshot of the Hope College profile. How many students are attending Hope College? What is the […]

What Does It Take to Write an Excellent College Application Essay?

College Essay Topic. It is a dilemma of every student applying to college. Is there a “good” or “bad” topic? A college essay is a place where the admission representative has a chance to “meet” the applicant more closely. That being said, what is it that make a college essay successful? “A successful essay will […]

So You Want to Come to Hope

While lying in my bed over Christmas break I began getting all sorts of notifications from the Hope College admitted student’s Facebook group. This is a group that prospective students for the following academic year are able to access once they’ve received their acceptance letter. I was instantly brought back to my days as an […]

Reasons Why You Should Go To Admitted Students Day

April 18th is approaching, and there are questions out there about Admitted Student Day, so I thought I would answer them for everyone! If you can’t make it, just remember that it’s completely OK! You won’t lose priority in choosing your roommates and it won’t put you “behind” by any means. What this day is […]

Why You Should Come To Hope {A Student’s Perspective}

Over the past few days I’ve spent some time looking on the Hope on Facebook site for newly admitted students (if you haven’t joined you should) and I’ve noticed a few different things: all of you look really nice you’re all willing to share and get to know each other lots of you are trying to […]

A Guide to the Hope College Facebook Page

Hey prospective students! This one’s for you! Getting into college is a really exciting time, and it isn’t complete without relatives breathing down your neck, a ton of anxiety, T-shirts from every school in the state (or country), and of course, FACEBOOK. College Facebook groups can be really helpful in determining what school you’d like […]