How to fancy your college application without doing academic work

Hey kids, X-mas break: free time, food, ugly sweaters, embarrassing childhood stories being told at the dinner table when your family friends’ cute son is there, secret santa, not-so-secret santa (rents) and finally… ACCEPTANCE LETTERS. It’s a trick many parents do; get the letter and hide it until Christmas, then put it under the tree […]

Fly-in Weekend Coming Full Circle

This time last year I was asking each of my high school teachers if they could sign my permission form to miss the following Thursday and Friday. Why? I was headed to Hope College for a Fly-In Weekend. At the time I had no clue if I would be choosing Hope, but I was excited […]

Visiting Hope

It was a Monday morning in early September of 2013. A day marked by gloomy clouds threatening rain during the time of year when the warm hug of summer’s weather is beginning to pull back. My Dad and I drove to Holland from Ann Arbor while my Mom and sister were visiting the University of […]

From the Freshmen: WHY HOPE?

Since I am an RA in Dykstra, I get to interact with a lot of freshmen. I thought it would be fun to hear all their reasons for choosing Hope! Here’s what they had to say! “I decided to come to Hope because it’s small and it’s really important to me to have good relationships […]

Choosing Your Dream College

I’ve been in your position before, class of 2018. It’s the last half of your senior year, and for many of you, you haven’t decided where your next journey will take you. Where will I be for the next four years? For some of you, you’ve had your heart set somewhere, and for many of […]

Pursuing the Nursing Major

Hey readers! This past October, I posted a blog regarding the ins and outs of the nursing major here at Hope College. If you want to read that, click here. It’s information heavy (maybe); just a fair warning! But what I want to do now is to post about it again, because I’ve met so […]


Hashtag Hope 2018. You’re in, but what now? Before I answer that, you have NO idea how excited I am for the Hope College Class of 2018. Me, along with the student bloggers have been glued to the Hope College Facebook App answering your questions and introducing ourselves. It’s quite fun. What I am most […]