Visiting Hope

It was a Monday morning in early September of 2013. A day marked by gloomy clouds threatening rain during the time of year when the warm hug of summer’s weather is beginning to pull back. My Dad and I drove to Holland from Ann Arbor while my Mom and sister were visiting the University of Michigan’s theater school. Rain poured down throughout the two hour drive, but as we came closer to Holland the rain gave up and the occasional rays of sun shone through.

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This was my first college visit and I was nervous.

We made our way into the Admissions office; I signed in and was given a folder with my schedule which only contained the campus tour I registered for. I signed up for the minimum, not really knowing that there are so many more opportunities to experience a college through a visit beyond a campus tour. For more information about all of Hope’s visit choices click here and check out the column of options on the left! So, I was asked if I would like to meet with my admissions counselor and talk a bit more about Hope. Realizing I definitely should take advantage of making as much out of this visit as possible since I live seven hours away, I agreed. As a Pennsylvania prospective student my representative was Barbara Miller.

[Curious who your Admissions Representative would be? Click here to find out!]

This meeting was my first experience with the kind of people that are at Hope. Talking with Barb was relaxed, informative, and enjoyable. She talked about Hope College and more specifics about my personal admissions process related to ACT/SAT scores and scholarships, etc. However, she also asked about my high school activities and life. I particularly remember a topic of conversation about a mutual love for Golden Retrievers 🙂

Naturally taking this opportunity to share a cute picture of my Golden Retriever, Teddy :)
Naturally taking this opportunity to share a cute picture of my Golden Retriever, Teddy 🙂

Finally, she asked if a Christian atmosphere was important to me in a college.
Throughout my college search “Christian School” was not one of the items that was a necessity on my checklist, but I was intrigued by its significant presence at Hope. Barb asked if we would like to attend a Chapel service with her prior to the tour. So, we walked over to the Chapel and joined the crowd of students taking their free block of 20 minutes in their schedules to attend this service. We piled into a pew near the back by a blowing fan and behind what must have been members of the basketball team in a beautiful Chapel packed with students in the pews and even standing along the edges of the room. I enjoyed the service and was impressed by the amount of all kinds of students who attended because they wanted to be there.

I took this during my campus tour. Even as a student I am still not over how beautiful Dimnent Chapel is.
I took this during my campus tour. Even as a student I am still not over how beautiful Dimnent Chapel is.

Next was the tour which consisted of me, my Dad, and our tour guide. It was a brief, personal and fun tour. Hearing a student’s perspective is interesting and one of the most important things to me as a prospective student. We ended our day eating lunch in Cook with a couple students who were, as now seemed typical of Hope’s community, friendly, welcoming and truly interested in getting to know you.

Over the next three months college visits continued including my second visit to Hope in November for a Fly-In Weekend! I’ll be writing more about the Fly-In Weekend visit opportunity next week, but if you are dying to know more now you can check out this page 🙂

I hope you have a fantastic Thursday!

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Discovering Hope

A little fact about myself: I am indecisive and over think decisions–big or small.

So, when it came to my college search, I was lost.

I did not know what major I intended to study, how far I wanted to be from home or whether going to a Christian school even mattered to me. The summer of my senior year I poured over college books and emails and websites and letters creating lists and charts of pros and cons and haves and have-nots—I gathered more information about more schools than I knew what to do with. I sought advice from a friend who was just starting college at Purdue University. I told him I had no clue what I was doing with my life let alone what kind of college I wanted. So, he suggested checking out U.S News Top Hundred Liberal Arts Colleges. A liberal arts education equals lots of options, aka exactly what undecided me needed. So, that night I scrolled through the top hundred list with nothing jumping out and pausing on occasion to look at a website. I read Hope College, thought, “that’s a cute name for a school.” and clicked my way to more information at

I’m not sure how long I spent on the website that night looking at the cute names of intramural Ultimate Frisbee teams (my favorite name of the 2014 season is Huck Huck Goose 🙂 ) and decades old traditions (The Pull [which is Saturday!] and Nykerk! ), but something about Hope struck me. On a whim I decided to ask my parents if we could go and visit this private liberal arts school none of us had ever heard of that’s 6 and a half hours away. We scheduled a dual college visit weekend so my sister could see the University of Michigan and I could see this cutely named college and hopefully (get it? 😉 ) discover whether its mysterious allure was more than just a side effect of late night college searching.

Keep an eye out for the follow up post: Visiting Hope!

Happy Friday!
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From the Freshmen: WHY HOPE?

Since I am an RA in Dykstra, I get to interact with a lot of freshmen. I thought it would be fun to hear all their reasons for choosing Hope! Here’s what they had to say!

“I decided to come to Hope because it’s small and it’s really important to me to have good relationships with my classmates and my teachers. It’s a Christian school so I knew it would be a good place to grow in my faith. It also has a good science program and that’s important to me. When I came to visit it just felt good in my gut!”

–Ellie, Kalamazoo, MI


“I came to Hope because it was very important to me to create lasting relationships from my college education, and whenever I came to Hope they were always talking about the awesome dynamic that happens between professors and students and other students. They have a great education program and, in general, everyone was just really helpful and kind. And it felt right, honestly.”

–Macauley, Middlebury, IN


“I felt the most at home here. It was the only school that I had peace about, that I wasn’t like, ‘Oh my word, I’m going to college!’ It was exciting rather than terrifying. I like the Christian atmosphere.”

–Hannah, Zeeland, MI


“I felt like I could be academically successful here and I really like the atmosphere here.”

–Marissa, Lake Orion, MI


“I chose to come to Hope because of the good nursing program and I got to play softball.”

–Sierra, Wayland, MI


“I came because of the smaller class sizes and the professors, but also because it’s a lot smaller than most universities and it has more of a personal feel.”

–Clara, Mesick, MI


“I liked the small community and everyone makes you feel really welcome. It just felt right when I visited here! I felt like I belonged.”

–Marissa, Northville, MI


“The people were the main reason. When I came on my visit, the two girls on my overnight were very genuine and nice. You could tell that they really meant it when they said they loved Hope.”

–Kaley, Grand Rapids, MI


“I decided to come to Hope because I get lost super easily and it’s an easy campus to find my way around. I really wanted a Christian atmosphere and Hope is truly Christian; They don’t just say that they are and then just act a different way. They really care about God and have events like Groovin’ in the Grove and chapel where it’s packed and people really want to go to it.”

–Savanah, Dallas, TX


“I found Hope online and didn’t really think anything of it until I applied and got accepted. When I got here to visit, I fell in love with the way everyone said hi to me when I walked around. It made me feel like I already went here even though I was just visiting. I loved chapel, and when I found out how good the nursing program was here, it sold me!”

–Victoria, Bloomingdale, NJ


“I chose Hope because it was a school that allowed me to incorporate all of the things I love and continue to do all the things that I’m passionate about even though they’re all very different things.”

–Teagan, Sycamore, IL


People come to Hope from far and wide for so many different reasons, but they make up a diverse, vibrant, incredible student body! Hope is a place that so many people love and we are thrilled to see more and more freshmen coming in each year with all these different reasons for coming, and more!

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“This is what the Lord says: ‘Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the Lord. That person will be like a bush in the wastelands; they will not see prosperity when it comes. They will dwell in the parched places of the desert, in a salt land where no one lives. But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.'”

–Jeremiah 17:5-8

Personal Space

Hello fellas,

So the other day, I was thinking about that day which I went on a recruiting trip with my boss. We visited a high school in Holland which was great for me because I did not really get a chance to interact with Holland youth, apart from small chats at shops like “Oh that dress looks really cute on you” or “Gosh, could this line be any longer?”. The best part is, even though it was technically an official “recruiting session,” the students definitely did not hold it back and told me about their concerns about attending a “local,” small liberal arts school. Well, I know this whole small school thing is an issue for a lot of the prospective students, so I am going to address this issue/concern really quick.

Let me tell you about my Morocco experience…

I went on that excursion trip with 15 other ladies who are all wonderful. We spent a lot of time together; our rooms at the hotels were always next to each other and we went everywhere together – including classes, exploration trips, restaurants; literally everywhere. It was like traveling with a sorority group for 17 days; not that it is a bad thing, but as you can imagine after one point it got really overwhelming for all of us because we were just not used to being around each other all the time. Not to mention we all have really strong personalities…

It was great for a while; getting to know each other a lot more closely, showing support one and other when one of us got homesick for Taco Bell or Papa John’s, having grown up slumber parties in our pjs and exchanging weird high school stories… It was all wonderful until we needed some alone time. Then we all started getting more impatient and less understanding which, at the end, caused some troubles towards the end of the trip.

But after understanding Moroccan culture and figuring out the ways of transportation, we all went different ways. For dinner, some of us just went to a supermarket to buy groceries while a few of the people went to McDonalds and others went to a kabab restaurant. For free time, we all chose to go to different museums and even some of us just did not go anywhere and just watched Moroccan TV – because Netflix doesn’t work in Morocco.

Off-topic side note: Grocery shopping in a country that I don’t speak the language of, was one of the most empowering experiences I have ever had.

Anyway, it was just like freshman year at college all over again; I had my friend group that I hung out with aaaall the tiiiiime and as I got more used to the environment, I decided to do my own thing. Not to mention it is a lot easier to do something by yourself at Hope than in Morocco, because culturally, women don’t go out on the streets often unless they have to go somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not promising you anything; all I am saying is it is up to you. Hope has a small campus, but it depends on you too. If you don’t want to run into someone you probably won’t, because it is large enough to get lost in the crowd. Also choosing to stick with your high school friends and blaming that on campus’ size is just not fair. You can go to a state school and still end up with the crowd that you used to hang out with back in high school.

You are thinking “Why so serious all of a sudden?” because my other posts tend to be more goofy, but it is decision time for you all and I just wanted to make myself clear. So excuse me, but I will repeat myself just to make it crystal clear:

You don’t have to hangout with your high school friends even if you are a local and if you are not, I don’t even know what you are worried about.

Think of it this way, one of my best friends is a Holland Christian grad but now he has a Turkish friend. I mean come on, it doesn’t get much more worldly than this.

Just something for you to keep in mind while you are making your “ultimate” decision.

Stay cool,

Choosing Your Dream College

I’ve been in your position before, class of 2018. It’s the last half of your senior year, and for many of you, you haven’t decided where your next journey will take you. Where will I be for the next four years? For some of you, you’ve had your heart set somewhere, and for many of you, it’s at Hope College! That’s awesome. But I just want to post about choosing a college. It’s a hard choice, and it’s an important one. Hopefully this will help you decide where your next four years will take you. I got some inspiration for this blog post. You know who you are!!

SHORT PERSONAL ANECDOTE: So when I applied to college, I applied to A LOT, because I didn’t know what I wanted. I wanted to explore my options. Let me tell you, your options are infinite – and that just makes the college draft more excruciating and difficult. Another setback for me was that my high school did not prepare my graduating class well in regard to bringing in college admissions reps, applying to school, and exposing us to higher education. So, my trek to find my dream school was all on me, but I am SO incredibly happy the pressure was on me. Look where I am today. After visits and questions, I realized that each school was advertising itself.

Back to the blog post. Each school you visit, tour, and ask questions obviously want you to come there. Each school is diverse and unique. This is what attracts prospective students. Now you can keep asking questions, and “university” will keep answering them. But is this helping you make a choice? Or is it just getting your questions answered?

I mean each school can tell you all about the school they are representing, and Hope is the same. But one thing a college has a hard time answering is “Why should I go here?” And the reason is because that is UP TO YOU. Many students feel at home at many colleges, and many students attend a specific college simply because of its reputation. For some, like myself, attend a specific school because it’s a calling for them. I can ramble on about Hope’s strengths and weaknesses (which do exist, yes), but you know, there is a department that does that at each school, ADMISSIONS! 

Admissions offices all over the nation coordinate visits, tours, panels, and much more to attract prospective students. They also hire student workers to represent their school, like myself. I am here just sharing my thoughts, and my life at Hope College. It can seem so simple at times, but then I realize that it has the potential for an individual to become committed to this school or not, and that’s a power that cannot be abused.

After my rambling above, here comes my point. The question “Why should I go here?” can only be answered by YOU, but you can get help from others. Do your own research, write down what you’re looking for in a school. Make a pro and con list (those help me)! Do whatever it is you need to do to make a choice. Questions – ask them. This will help you answer your main question.

Does this help? I know it’s wordy and lengthy – but it’s important because it’s the next four years of your life. I can’t believe I’m MORE than halfway through my college career. It seems as if I just graduated a week ago. But like many college will state, college is the best thing that has ever happened. I want you, the class of 2018, to be able to say that too.

For those of you who have committed to Hope, or another school, CONGRATULATIONS!! That is a huge first step in the next chapter of your life. For those who are uncertain, I pray that you make a decision in the upcoming months, The Lord has a plan. Just wait and see!!!

Okay, one more thing here. If you are coming to Hope in the fall of 2014, here is a countdown to get you PUMPED! CLICK HERE!!

Well, that’s it for this Sunday morning. By the way, HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!

Visit Day Must-Do’s

I know that there are a bunch of people headed up to campus for Visit Days soon, so I thought I would mention my favorite parts of the visits that I did at Hope as a prospective student! These are things that I think really helped shape my decision to come to Hope, and that’s a decision that I couldn’t be happier with! I hope these can help you out too!

Campus Tour

I think this one is probably pretty obvious, but make sure you tour campus! I think it’s really helpful to go on a tour with one of the tour guides who works for admissions rather than just walking around campus on your own, but it’s really up to you! I had an awesome tour guide when I visited and he just had really cool things to say about all the buildings on campus. He also recommended potential study spots and told us about where he spent a lot of his time, and I thought it was cool to get an inside perspective from a current student rather than just walking through buildings on my own.

Class Visit

Try your best to visit a class in the department you’re hoping to study in. My junior year I got to sit in on a music class called Eurhythmics, which I absolutely loved! I think that sitting in on a class really helps you see how the students in a given department interact with each other and with their professors and helps you get a little taste of what kinds of classes you might be in at Hope. I think class visits are definitely one of the most important things you can do on a visit. It might not sound the most exciting, but being in class is obviously going to be a huge part and focus of your time at Hope, so I think it is a great idea to get a feeling for what that will be like!

Res Hall Visit

I would definitely recommend walking through at least a couple of different residence halls. As a girl, I would definitely say that walking through Dykstra (cluster format) and one of the hallway format dorms (Gilmore, Phelps, etc.) would probably be helpful so you can see the two different styles and figure out where you might want to request to live during your time at Hope!


Chapel was one of the things that really sold me on Hope. Attendance is not required, but it’s always completely PACKED! I think that’s so awesome and really shows the character of so many students at Hope. It’s only about 20 minutes long, but it could potentially impact your visit day more than anything else. I think Chapel is such an awesome experience and I hope you all choose to join in worship with us on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 10:30 a.m.!

Student Panel

I think student panels are an awesome way to get to hear about life at Hope from current students. You’ll get a chance to ask any questions you might have and get immediate, honest answers from a group of students involved in many different activities, living in different buildings, and studying in different areas, so that’s pretty cool!

Downtown Holland

I. Am. In. Love. With. Downtown. Holland. Seriously, you guys. It’s perfect. For me, downtown Holland is a pretty big part of my time at Hope. I spend a lot of time there with my friends grabbing dinner, coffee, fro-yo, doing a little shopping, or just spending time getting some fresh air! It’s only about a block from campus and it’s definitely worth the walk, even if the weather isn’t the best on the day you visit!

I hope you all love your visits to Hope as much as I did! If you have any questions, feel free to comment, tweet @hopekathryn17, or email! Thanks so much for reading!

“This is how we know we’re living steadily and deeply in him, and he in us: He’s given us life from his life, from his very own Spirit. Also, we’ve seen for ourselves and continue to state openly that the Father sent his Son as Savior of the world. Everyone who confesses that Jesus is God’s son participates continuously in an intimate relationship with God. We know it so well, we’ve embraced it heart and soul, this love that comes from God.”

1 John 4:13-16

Pursuing the Nursing Major

Hey readers! This past October, I posted a blog regarding the ins and outs of the nursing major here at Hope College. If you want to read that, click here. It’s information heavy (maybe); just a fair warning! But what I want to do now is to post about it again, because I’ve met so many people from the incoming class of 2018 pursuing this major, which is just awesome! Again, I am super biased. I think this is the best major at this awesome school.

Although I think it’s one of the best majors, I’m not going to sugar coat anything, but I’m also not trying to scare anyone away! I am just being honest as a nursing major. But let’s get going!

If you know this is something you want to do, you can pre-apply to the program. How cool is that!? Before applying, there are requirements (of course). Two of the most important being your acceptance to HOPE COLLEGE and your ACT score of 28, or SAT critical reading score plus math score equal to or greater than 1260. Then, you obviously have to apply. CLICK HERE for an extensive explanation of the details. For you seniors who fulfill these requirements, I strongly recommend trying to apply early! Remember, everything is due February 15th (all items must be received by this date!) Good luck to those who apply!

Don’t fret! Just because you don’t pre-qualify doesn’t mean anything. Actually, not many students who pre-qualify decide to apply, because they may change their minds. Anyways, if you are interested in the nursing major, there are certain classes you should be taking your 1st semester of your freshman year. Don’t worry though, because the nursing program has very specific classes you have to take, the department established a 4-year plan, which is so awesome. This really helped me out because it is super structured, and I like that! You don’t register for classes until the summer, but you should take these classes:

  • IDS 100: First-Year Seminar (FYS)
  • English 113: Expository Writing
  • Language II (2nd year level)
  • Kinesiology 140: Health Dynamics
  • Biology 103: Cellular Biology

So those are the recommended classes you should take, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow that structure. There is usually more flexibility in the first two years for classes. Here is the program plan, CLICK HERE! (*The bolded classes mean that they are only offered during that semester). Students can also get credit for some of these classes either through AP exam scores and IB exam scores.

Applications are on the department website, found HERE. Applications are due October 1st of your fall semester. Then, students must apply for the TEAS test, or the Test of Essential Academic Skills. Don’t fret, this is a test that measures your abilities in academia. There truly is not way to study for it. But, I’m not saying you shouldn’t study for it. There are tools you can utilize to study for it. Just google TEAS test prep! Anyways, you’ll take this test, then the department will have you write an essay. Then from there, you just wait until February 15, which is when you receive your acceptance letters!

If you get accepted to the program, congratulations!!! If you don’t, IT’S OKAY! IT’S NOT OVER! The same application process will occur, and you will have to re-apply for acceptance in the fall semester of your sophomore year. Many students re-apply. But if you are accepted, it doesn’t end there! You must maintain your GPA, get drug tested, get a background check, and sign up for a medical CPR class. I know it sounds a lot, but it’ll be fine. I mean, I survived, and so did everyone else in the program. So YOU CAN DO IT!  From here, you will be automatically declared as a nursing major and will receive a nursing advisor. Then, you can start planning your semesters!

Okay, I know that was information dense and full of words without pictures. I know its not fun, but I hope it helps! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks for reading!


Hashtag Hope 2018. You’re in, but what now?

Before I answer that, you have NO idea how excited I am for the Hope College Class of 2018. Me, along with the student bloggers have been glued to the Hope College Facebook App answering your questions and introducing ourselves. It’s quite fun. What I am most excited about is the diversity of this class. I can already tell that every admitted student has something to bring to the table — that’s why you’ve been accepted to this fine institution! But what’s so fun to see is what every single one of you are interested in. From music, to languages, to pre-professional health studies, NURSING (my major!) and many more majors, everyone has different interests for different reasons, and it’s just awesome to read why. This is going to be one awesome group.

Ok, you are in, what now? As 2014 sneaks in on us, it’s time to fill out the FAFSA, or the Free Application For Federal Student Aid. Make sure you have your, and your family’s tax info on this! Filling this out determines the amount of financial aid you receive. Also, Hope College also has it’s own “FAFSA” called the SAF, or Supplemental Application for Financial Aid. I strongly recommend filling both of these out. They can help pay for your education! Right now, a head start on filling out financial aid papers is beneficial!

Another thing you admitted students should do is look for scholarships, either through your high school academic counseling office, or national ones. Whatever scholarships you may apply for, take advantage of them. Again, they can help you pay for school — it reduces your overall cost!

For the students who are interested in the performing arts, make sure you seek out Hope College’s Distinguished Artist Awards. Eligible students can receive $2,500 each year in a performing arts discipline. Click here for more details!

One of the most important things you can do, if you are truly committed to Hope College, is to start to get to know people from your class through the Hope College Facebook App! You can meet students, just like you, from your hometown or who share your same interests. If you also haven’t visited the campus already, I STRONGLY suggest calling admissions and make an appointment for a visit! It’s going to be your school in a matter of months, so why not, right!? For some of you, you have been living vicariously through our blogs and twitter accounts. To really make Hope life become a reality, stay with a Hope student for a weekend! You can experience what it is like being on campus and seeking out opportunities to do many activities throughout campus and Holland!

Again, if you are truly committed to this awesome institution, you can even send in your deposit! But that’s only if you are ready! So Hope College Class of 2018, it may seem like a long ways, but before you know it, it will be Orientation. I want to welcome and congratulate you on your acceptance again, and I can’t wait to see you here at Hope!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! You can also follow me on twitter at @HopeMarvin15.


Choosing Hope College

Isn’t it a great feeling to be on break, everyone? Just sitting and relaxing, not doing anything? By the end of exam week, my brain was fried, and it needed to recover. I can safely say that my brain is at optimum functioning. Anyways, seeing as many students from the Class of 2018 are receiving their acceptance letters, I wanted to share why I chose Hope College. If you are admitted student, I hope you find some inspiration in this. If you are a current Hope College student, maybe you can reflect back on why you chose this wonderful institution. I actually had some help from admitted students; here is a shoutout to the three of them. Thank you so much for some inspiration for this blog post Christy, Mariah, and Sara E.! I hope you enjoy the read, and find some inspiration and excitement in it!

Senior Year: Around August, college applications were my life. Well, more like throughout the first half of my senior year, preparing for college was my life. To be honest, my high school did not a very good job of helping me with the college process, so it was definitely a learning experience. But I’m glad I taught my self, because look at where I am now. Anyways, I applied to many schools, specifically to have a variety of options. Although the options part of it was good, the fees and time was draining. So, if you’re still applying for schools, prioritize. Which schools truly appeal to you?

I had family (my uncle and two cousins) that went to Hope. I actually had the mindset that Hope was the last place I would go, merely because my family has been there. I wanted to be different, I wanted to veer off the “common” path. Soon enough, I found myself on Hope College’s campus on the first visit day during the fall of 2010 (holy moly, 3 years ago!). I thought to myself, “Here we go, let’s just get this done quickly.” First stop, Schaap Science Center. There, I observed a chemistry class. And let me tell you, it was the coolest thing! I was in AP Chemistry during this time, and what the college students were doing in class – I ACTUALLY KNEW! What a cool experience for me. I wanted to go to school for something science-related, and this chemistry class definitely affirmed that belief. Next stop, Chapel.

As cheesy as this may sound, this is definitely the turning point in my college decisions. Although I had other schools to visit, my heart was immediately set on this school. A bunch of students let us sit in their pew with them, and they welcomed me to Hope. Where else can you find a community like that? (Right, Mariah?!) I clearly remember Josh Banner, the Music Worship Leader welcoming the students to Hope, and I heard so much excitement from the crowd! Not to mention, that chapel was so packed! That was definitely a good sign. Then, the whole congregation started singing. THIS WAS IT. I knew. God definitely told me, “Welcome to your new home.” I had the chills, because of how exciting it was!!! I already knew this is where I belong, but there was just so much more to do!

After Chapel, I ate lunch at Phelps, and met with some faculty members from the different departments. Here, I felt like I was interrogating them with questions. Why Hope? Why should I go here? As I asked these questions, I found myself answering them, and this was definitely a sign that I belong here. Soon enough, my visit day was complete. I did not want to leave, I wanted to jump right in and stay, but I had to graduate first! Although my visit was over, I requested more literature. And after reading through the many brochures my admissions representative, (ANDREW MEYERS!) had sent me, I literally said out loud, “I’M HOPE BOUND!”

If you’re reading this, that was a “long-story-short” version. This blog post would go on and on if I included every detail, but I made it short and sweet for you all. But before I sign-off, I want to share some important Hope facts with you that I learned from the literature.

Student-Faculty Ratio: Yep, Hope college is proud to have student-faculty ratio at 13:1. This was so important to me. I wanted my professors to know me on a first name basis, and I wanted to have a personal relationship with them. I was definitely right in choosing Hope because I have established so many relationships with my professors. This has allowed me to use them as references, or just people to talk to!

Vibrantly Christian: Hope College incorporates Christianity within its mission statement, which means it is intertwined with student life and academics. I went to a large public high school, so going to a Christian school was such a great change for me. My faith continues to evolve, and all of my friendships are Christ-based.

Nationally Ranked: Hope College has many national rankings and honors. One of the most important (to me), and the most significant was its excellence in undergraduate research. I knew that I would want to pursue research someday, so this was a great factor. This college truly does a magnificent job in undergraduate research. Hope College does it so well that it is ranked with the most elite large universities. Hope is truly special.

Financial Aid Packages: Okay, the thing that worried me the most was, “Can I afford Hope?” Although the tuition price may scare many of you, don’t fret. Hope gives excellent financial packages as well as grants and scholarships! Just do well in high school, and you can get a large sum of money in scholarships. Financial aid along with scholarships really made Hope College affordable!

Campus: And at last, the campus and the community itself. As Christy explained, Hope College is very beautiful, in all four seasons! The architecture is picturesque, the people are friendly, and it contains so much history! For many, the campus is the selling point for students, and if you’re looking for a beautiful campus, try Hope!

Yes, it’s December. But before you know it, January, February, March, and April will just zoom by, When May comes along, and that deposit is due, that’s the moment of truth! I hope you find what I have shared with you inspiring and helpful as you make your college choices. Hope is simply an amazing place, it fosters my academic, social, and spiritual growth. Hope is ready for you; are you ready for Hope!?

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Fly-in(to Hope!)

This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of my (4th?!) visit to Hope and the first visit of my senior year of high school. I participated in the Hope College Fly-in Weekend offered to those students who live in states that do not touch the border of Michigan (if you want more information about Fly-in weekends, click here). This was the first time I had ever flown by myself, which ended up being a great experience and really helpful when I ended up having to fly alone a few more times since then.

This visit was my first taste of what being a Hope student was really like — the overnight component helped me make a much more informed decision. Between one night of a donut run and the next night a movie night in Gilmore Hall watching She’s the Man, it helped me picture my life as a Hope student.

Even if the Fly-in visit is not an option for you, I would highly suggest checking out options for overnight stays. Not only is it a great way to picture your life here, but it was also it fun to attend campus this fall and see my host student again. She was so sweet and helped me out with the first few weeks of getting adjusted to campus life after I saw her at the Chapel service one day!

If you have more questions about what it’s like to attend a school far away from home, overnight stays, or anything else that may be crossing your mind, please feel free to email me at Keep up with campus life and follow me on Twitter @hopesophie17.

Hope to see you on campus soon!