Nykerk from a New Morale Guy’s Perspective

A Nykerk play of the past.
A Nykerk play of the past.

The Nykerk Cup.

Song, play, oration.

As guys, we morale the girls, who perform. I’m a play moraler. Play moralers build the set, buy the girls flowers and candy, and do funny skits to keep them happy after rehearsal. Does it sound awesome?

Nykerk proved its awesomeness at the rally on Monday.

All the odd and even year moralers choreographed a dance, and speaking as someone who does not dance, I can say without a doubt that we did a great job. I danced across the stage by myself in one section of the song, which was probably a brilliant idea. I knew exactly what I was doing one-hundred percent of the time. So did everyone else. We are total experts.

The girls laughed, too. That was nice.

Goofy stuff is good, and Nykerk morale is super goofy, so obviously it’s awesome. Plus, you get to help girls create something really cool, and according to the coaches, they fall in love with you afterwards.

This won’t be a waste of time.

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