Those Moments When I Considered Dropping Out…

This last week was one that I would say was slightly difficult. How so? Well, simply put – school. This last week I have been fighting off a sickness, while having to prepare for and take 3 exams, while also trying to do my other homework, and juggling life. To be honest, this week isn’t […]

What Moves You?

Being a senior has a lot of perks, such as knowing the ins and outs of campus, having strong relationships with people in your classes, and generally feeling like you know what’s going on. Another perk I never really thought about was being able to look back on the previous four years and see how […]

Rest is the Rescue, and Chaos is the Culprit

“Take what’s dead, and make it come back to life.” Back home in Iowa, the week before finals is what many schools call “Dead Week.” This is because while you’re studying for your cumulative exams for 4 classes, you’re also writing three 5-page research papers, eating food, socializing for 10 minutes a day, and sleeping […]