2016 Holland Annual Report
What a year it was! Expanded snowmelt, LED lights, Home Energy Retrofit Program, Record High Voter Registrations and much more. Take a look inside Holland's 2016 Annual Report.
January is National Radon Action Month. Test your home for radon, an invisible radioactive gas that causes lung cancer. Testing is the only way to know whether your home contains high radon levels. https://www.epa.gov/radon EN ESPAÑOL: https://espanol.epa.gov/cai/acerca-del-radon
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Resilient Holland is a land-use planning and community design project focused on the City of Holland.

Together the City of Holland, Hope College, and the Holland Board of Public Works developed the Sustainability Institute to support outreach, education, and practices geared toward creating a more sustainable community.

Cultivating a Sustainable Community


Being “sustainable” doesn’t have to be expensive or hard; and often times it will actually even save you money.  This website will be a resource for everyone in the community to help us continue building a legacy of sustainability in Holland.

Small Steps, BIG CHANGES!